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VERB   to venerate | venerated | venerated
venerating | venerates
SYNO to fear | to revere | to reverence | ...
to venerateverehren
to veneratebewundern
to veneratehochhalten
to venerate sb.jdn. achten [hochachten]
to venerateehren
to veneratehochachten
2 Wörter
to venerate heroesHelden verehren
3 Wörter
to venerate old customsaltes Brauchtum verehren
5+ Wörter
to venerate the laws of a countrydas Recht eines Landes achten
to venerate the name of a poetden Namen eines Dichters verehren
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  • The Anglican Church of Australia and the Scottish Episcopal Church remember and venerate Couturier liturgically on 24 March.
  • The tanbur is currently the musical instrument used in Ahl-e Haqq (Yarsani) rituals, and practitioners venerate tembûrs as sacred objects.
  • She may be represented by a stone. Temples that venerate her do so under the name of Pidari Amman.
  • When naming a clan the name of the founder could be used or the animal they venerate.
  • Tibetans traditionally venerate their elders within their families.
  • In the Catholic Church, canonization is a decree that allows universal veneration of the saint. For permission to venerate merely locally, only beatification is needed.
  • We venerate Thy Passion, O Christ "(three times)".
  • Some Chongwu locals venerate the twenty-seven martyrs PLA martyrs as deities who can perform miracles.
  • On September 30 of each year, locals venerate the patron of Muntić, St. Jerome.
  • When the Theotokopouloses go to the windows to venerate the body of Christ, Samuel sees Catalina and falls in love with her.
  • At Ashridge, pilgrims could venerate a phial of the Blood of Christ before proceeding to St Albans Abbey to venerate the holy relics of Saint Alban.
  • Sorcerers venerate their masters as well as the founders of witchcraft in their family.
  • Today Shaykh Muse is reputed to be the ancestor of the clan named after him and who venerate him once every year.
  • His family believed that their deceased members became gods and they should venerate them, hence exist two conceptions of Ryukyuan religion in Okinawa whether to venerate the ancestors or nature.
  • Some of them venerate Jela (an "M Strain") for his skills and deeds as a warrior.
  • The Padma Purana states that those who venerate the Akshayavata with devotion are freed from sins.
  • The church holds a monthly mass in honor of St. Gerard at which expectant parents and others hoping to become expectant venerate the saint.
  • This deme, along with that of Ionidae, venerated the "kolokratai"; these two demoi were the only ones, as far as we know, to venerate deities together.
  • Conservative philosopher Russell Kirk argued that libertarians "bear no authority, temporal or spiritual" and do not "venerate ancient beliefs and customs, or the natural world, or [...] country, or the immortal spark in [...] fellow men."
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