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venous circulation
Venenkreislauf {m}
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Übersetzung für 'venous circulation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

venous circulation
Venenkreislauf {m}med.
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  • Fluid recovery by the lymphatic system is accomplished by re-vascularization of fluid and macromolecules from the interstitial space, allowing these constituents of whole blood to be returned to the venous circulation.
  • called revascularization by anastomotic decompression (RAD), allowed for communication between the blocked superficial retinal venous circulation and the open underlying choroidal circulation.
  • The left supraclavicular nodes are the classical Virchow's node because they receive lymphatic drainage of most of the body (from the thoracic duct) and enters the venous circulation via the left subclavian vein.
  • Lymph is ultimately returned to the venous circulation.
  • When there is a blockage of the portal system, portocaval anastomosis enables the blood to still reach the systemic venous circulation.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid drains through arachnoid granulations into the superior sagittal sinus and is returned to venous circulation.
  • Indirect injury results from increased preload on the heart secondary to spikes in venous circulation which can then lead to rupture of the heart.
  • Because the connective tissue beneath the epithelium contains a profusion of capillaries, the substance then diffuses into them and enters the venous circulation.
  • Entry of air into venous circulation has the potential to cause a venous air embolism.
  • In those who have had an esophagectomy for cancer, omentoplasty (a procedure in which part of the greater omentum is used to cover or fill a defect, augment arterial or portal venous circulation, absorb effusions, or increase lymphatic drainage) appears to improve outcomes.
  • Diffusion across the arachnoid granulations into the superior sagittal sinus returns CSF to the venous circulation.
  • FGF15 (and FGF19 in humans) function as hormones produced in response to bile acid absorption acting on the farnesoid X receptor FXR, are secreted into the portal venous circulation and bind onto the liver membrane receptor FGFR4/β-Klotho and repress bile acid synthesis by the "Cyp7a1" gene.
  • In 1867 he received his doctorate with a thesis on venous circulation of the foot and leg, two years later obtaining his agrégation in surgery with the dissertation "Des anomalies du testicule" (testicular anomalies).
  • He proposed – mistakenly – that the cocaine was absorbed into the venous circulation and subsequently transported to the spinal cord.
  • He proposed – mistakenly – that the cocaine was absorbed into the venous circulation and subsequently transported to the spinal cord.
  • Gas in the venous circulation can cause cardiac problems by obstructing the pulmonary circulation or forming an air-lock which raises central venous pressure and reduces pulmonary and systemic arterial pressures.
  • Intermittent pneumatic compression is a therapeutic technique used in medical devices that include an air pump and inflatable auxiliary sleeves, gloves or boots in a system designed to improve venous circulation in the limbs of patients who have edema or the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE), or the combination of DVT and PE which is venous thrombeombolism (VTE).
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