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NOUN   a vertex | vertices / vertexes
verticesEckpunkte {pl}
verticesScheitelpunkte {pl}
verticesGipfel {pl}
verticesSpitzen {pl}
verticesScheitel {pl}
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  • It can be constructed by beginning with a single-vertex graph (vertex 1), and then adding black vertices as isolated vertices and red vertices as dominating vertices, in the order in which they are numbered.
  • Kim's solution has 16 vertices, while some of the pentagon solutions have as few as 11 vertices. It is not known whether fewer vertices are possible.
  • The rhombic dodecahedron can be viewed as the convex hull of the union of the vertices of a cube and an octahedron.
  • When the query vertices belong to different communities, the non-query vertices that form the minimum Wiener connector contain vertices adjacent to edges that bridge the different communities.
  • These 32 polytopes are each shown in these 5 symmetry planes, with vertices and edges drawn, and vertices colored by the number of overlapping vertices in each projective position.
  • Its 180 vertices represent the root vectors of the simple Lie group D10.
  • These vertices and propagators produce a single cover of the moduli space of [...] -point closed string scattering amplitudes so no higher order vertices are required.
  • Attempting to directly embed all the vertices of [...] in this manner does not work because the algorithm may get stuck when only a small number of vertices are left.
  • Mainline vertices and vertices on even branches are [...] -groups.
  • In other words, [...] is the probability a randomly chosen map from the vertices of [...] to the vertices of [...] sends adjacent vertices in [...] to adjacent vertices in [...].
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