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NOUN   a vital substance | vital substances
vital substance
Vitalstoff {m}
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Übersetzung für 'vital substance' von Englisch nach Deutsch

vital substance
Vitalstoff {m}gastr.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In alchemy, calcination was believed to be one of the 12 vital processes required for the transformation of a substance.
  • It is yet again a simple gimmick to draw the audience to theatres while the screenplay and other vital aspects lack substance for a decent entertainment".
  • McCollum characterized vitamin A as a "vital life substance in dairy fat".
  • Activation of M3 muscarinic receptors by acetylcholine and NK1 by Substance P significantly increases NALCN currents, while activation of CaSR by calcium stops the flow of the currents.
  • After somehow obtaining the Sins of Norman Osborn, the Beyond Corporation captured Kafka to prevent her from interfering with their plans and fused the metaphysical substance of Norman Osborn’s sins to Ashley Kafka which caused her to be mutated into Queen Goblin as dubbed by Maxine Danger.
  • Though less toxic, ferrous iron (Fe2+) is another substance which commonly forms in anoxic waters.
  • Saltonstall also criticized O'Connor's campaign for lacking substance.
  • At an incident scene it is important to identify the substance as soon as possible and to take the appropriate measures.
  • The substance covers the outside of, for example, unicellular or filamentous green algae and cyanobacteria.
  • The pose was practised from the 17th century onwards in hatha yoga under names such as Narakasana, Kapalasana and Viparitakaranasana; its purpose as a mudra was to reverse the downflow and loss of the life-giving substance (Bindu) through the use of gravity.
  • ISPS code requests that the VSP maintain an updated inventory of dangerous or hazardous goods and substances that are carried aboard the ship.
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