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NOUN   vocational training pay | -
vocational training pay
Ausbildungs­vergütung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'vocational training pay' von Englisch nach Deutsch

vocational training pay
Ausbildungs­vergütung {f}educ.
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  • Sliwa has run on a platform opposing the defund the police movement, supporting a property tax overhaul so that working-class residents would not pay higher property taxes than wealthy citizens, keeping in place the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test while increasing opportunities for vocational training in charter schools, and focusing on fiscal restraint.
  • Some correctional facilities pay prisoners for their participation in educational programs or vocational training.
  • The Act required both, in addition to providing for discretionary tuition payments to those entering further (vocational) education instead of universities (it was expected that the industrial training boards would pay the tuition for the majority of further education students, and that few would require maintenance since they usually studied part-time).
  • of 9 February 1976 on the implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women as regards access to employment, vocational training and promotion, and working conditions precludes national rules such as those in the present case which, where candidates of different sexes shortlisted for promotion are equally qualified, automatically give priority to women in sectors where they are under-represented, under-representation being deemed to exist when women do not make up at least half of the staff in the individual pay brackets in the relevant personnel group or in the function levels provided for in the organisation chart.
  • Further important reforms were carried out in education by Pombal: he expelled the Jesuits in 1759, created the basis for secular public primary and secondary schools, introduced vocational training, created hundreds of new teaching posts, added departments of mathematics and natural sciences to the University of Coimbra, and introduced new taxes to pay for these reforms.
  • The revenue resulting from the levies is disbursed to provide supported employment in forms of vocational training and job placement career services.
  • On 22 June 1994, the Support Centre for Employment of the Disabled was established by law to provide practical advice, vocational training, and information to disabled workers and employers.
  • The British offered financial compensation, vocational training, and resettlement in civilian life to members of the RAF Levies.
  • He promoted the development of state-supported colleges and technical schools as well as improved vocational training.
  • These activities include; the establishment of an Australian police service delivery code of conduct, the development of strategies and processes for the transition of training and education delivery from the vocational to the tertiary sector as well as the identification of a model and enabling mechanisms to facilitate inter-jurisdictional mobility at rank.
  • CPC has recently achieved accreditation of its childcare centers and received three licenses to open vocational and business schools.
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