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NOUN   vocoder | vocoders
vocoderSpracherzeugungs­system {n}
vocoderSprachenschlüsselungs­gerät {n}
vocoder [short for: voice encoder]
Vocoder {m}
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  • A 16-band vocoder with Formant Shift function is also available.
  • It was one of the first rock songs to use a vocoder, developed by EMS, to distort vocals.
  • In 1970 Wendy Carlos and Robert Moog built another musical vocoder, a 10-band device inspired by the vocoder designs of Homer Dudley which was later referred to simply as a vocoder.
  • The vocoder text "Sellafield 2" at the start of "Radioactivity"/"Radioaktivität" is included for the first time on the CD and DVD set.
  • British composer Trevor Wishart used phase vocoder analyses and transformations of a human voice as the basis for his composition "Vox 5" (part of his larger Vox Cycle).
  • A process that preserves the formants and character of a voice involves analyzing the signal with a channel vocoder or LPC vocoder plus any of several pitch detection algorithms and then resynthesizing it at a different fundamental frequency.
  • The vocoder has also been used extensively as an electronic musical instrument. The decoder portion of the vocoder, called a voder, can be used independently for speech synthesis.
  • To create a sound that reflects the lyrics' vulnerable sentiment, Martin and Shellback manipulated Swift's vocals with a vocoder, which Swift thought sounded "really emotional, vulnerable, and ...
  • In 2014, Tuschinski published an album featuring classical music recorded on synthesizer and vocoder.
  • Zawinul plays the vocoder on this track. The second track, "Madagascar", also features Zawinul on vocoder and is one of two tracks that originally appeared on Weather Report's album "Night Passage".
  • Some other phrases and words through vocoder are also heard throughout the album.
  • "spectral peak processing" (SPP) technique similar to modified phase-locked vocoder (an improved phase vocoder for formant processing).
  • Originally intending it as the introduction to a vocoder rendition of the Ninth Symphony's Choral movement; it was completed approximately when Kubrick completed the photography; "Timesteps" and the vocoder Ninth Symphony were the foundation for the Carlos–Kubrick collaboration.
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