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NOUN   a vortex ring | vortex rings
vortex ring
Wirbelring {m}
vortex ring state <VRS>
Wirbelringstadium {n}
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Übersetzung für 'vortex ring' von Englisch nach Deutsch

vortex ring
Wirbelring {m}phys.

vortex ring state <VRS>
Wirbelringstadium {n}aviat.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • As it does so it takes on the flow pattern of a vortex ring with incandescent material in the vortex core as seen in certain photographs.
  • The velocity streamlines are immediately deflected and decelerated so that the boundary layer separates and forms a toroidal vortex ring.
  • Hill's spherical vortex is an exact solution of the Euler equations that is commonly used to model a vortex ring.
  • Smoke rings may also be formed by sudden bursts of fire (such as lighting and immediately putting out a cigarette lighter), by shaking a smoke source (such as an incense stick) up and down, by firing certain types of artillery, or by the use of special devices, such as vortex ring guns and vortex ring toys.
  • The diaphragm quickly pushes a quantity of air out of the open end, creating a vortex ring.
  • If such a craft is flown in a way where it enters a vortex ring state, one of the rotors will always enter slightly before the other, causing the aircraft to perform a drastic and unplanned roll.
  • Getaway Special experiments included the University of Michigan G-093 – Vortex Ring Transit Experiment (VORTEX), the German Aerospace Center and University Giessen G-141 – Structure of Marangoni Convection in Floating Zones Payload, the German Aerospace Center and the Technical University of Clausthal G-145 Glass Fining Experiment and the Chinese Academy of Sciences G-432 canister containing 5 crystal growth and material sciences experiments.
  • By creating a separated vortex ring in its wake, the flight of the pappus is stabilized and more lift and drag are produced.
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