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vortex spinningLuftdüsenspinnen {n}
air-vortex spinningLuftwirbelspinnen {n} [Textiltechnik]
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  • Spinning tunnels—which are also known as vortex tunnels or rotating tunnels—are devices used at haunted attractions and amusement parks.
  • An optical black hole is a phenomenon in which slow light is passed through a Bose–Einstein condensate that is itself spinning faster than the local speed of light within to create a vortex capable of trapping the light behind an event horizon just as a gravitational black hole would.
  • John Kennedy O'Connor writes "the hypnotic tune was helped by the visual effects in the studio as a spinning vortex of whirling shapes spun around the screen, adding to the dream-like effect of the music.
  • The enclosure around the fan reduces tip vortex losses, shields the blades from foreign object damage, protects ground crews from potential hazard of an openly spinning rotor, and produces a much quieter and less turbulent noise profile than a conventional tail rotor.
  • Air and dust are sucked at high speed into the collection vessel at a direction tangential to the vessel wall, creating a fast-spinning vortex.
  • Mikhail Goldshtik was a Jewish Russian inventor. He is known for inventing the vortex thruster and other futuristic devices that operate by spinning fluids.
  • Within a stationary body of fluid, a vortex ring can travel for relatively long distance, carrying the spinning fluid with it.
  • The primary hat is solid royal blue with a spinning tornado logo (Vortex) on the front.
  • Retch-A-Sketch - In this round, the two members of each team sit opposite each other on the swinging, spinning Vortex ride.
  • of spinning garbage known as the North Pacific Trash Vortex.
  • Air and dust are sucked at high speed into the collection vessel at a direction tangential to the vessel wall, creating a fast-spinning vortex.
  • The water is a little deeper at the perimeter and a little more shallow at the center, and the surface of the water is not flat but displays the characteristic depression toward the axis of the spinning fluid.
  • In continuum mechanics, vorticity is a pseudovector field that describes the local spinning motion of a continuum near some point (the tendency of something to rotate), as would be seen by an observer located at that point and traveling along with the flow.
  • Originally a cotton-spinning mill it was converted to a sawmill in 1878.
  • Nous started the spinning. Thereafter the universe developed on its own, according to lawful necessity.
  • A reduction is achieved in the kinetic energy in the circular air flow, which reduces the amount of fuel expended to perform work upon the spinning air.
  • They notice that their watches had stopped and their compass is spinning.
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