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vortex theory
Wirbeltheorie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'vortex theory' von Englisch nach Deutsch

vortex theory
Wirbeltheorie {f}hist.philos.phys.
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  • Ever since Sir William Thomson's vortex theory, mathematicians have tried to classify and tabulate all possible knots.
  • The early, significant stimulus in knot theory would arrive later with Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) and his vortex theory of the atom.
  • One of Leibniz's projects was to recast Newton's theory as a vortex theory.
  • Vortex Theory: Joy's unproven theory whereby a large group of high-powered race cars circulating an oval track create a rising column of hot air, which repels rain-producing cloud formations.
  • won Nobel Prizes in physics, and two (Francis William Aston and Ernest Rutherford In it, Thomson mathematically described the motions of William Thomson's vortex theory of atoms. ...
  • During the early years of the 18th century Isaac Newton's work on gravity was still incompletely accepted in France and Descartes' vortex theory had not yet been conclusively superseded.
  • Newton rejected Descartes' vortex theory of planetary motion in favor of his law of universal gravitation, and most of the second book of Newton's Principia is devoted to his counterargument.
  • The first successful experiments with hovercraft in the USSR date back to the mid-1930s and are tightly connected with the name of talented engineer and designer Vladimir Levkov, who substantiated the possibility of hovercraft as far back as in his 1925 treatise "The vortex theory of the rotor" (Russian: "Вихревая теория ротора").
  • This requirement has been very influential in the past, in the first place as a result of direct observation of causal processes (like pushing a cart), in the second place as a problematic aspect of Newton's theory of gravitation (attraction of the earth by the sun by means of action at a distance) replacing mechanistic proposals like Descartes' vortex theory; in the third place as an incentive to develop dynamic field theories (e.g., Maxwell's electrodynamics and Einstein's general theory of relativity) restoring contiguity in the transmission of influences in a more successful way than in Descartes' theory.
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