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NOUN   a vortex | vortexes / vortices
Wirbel {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'vortices' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Wirbel {pl}hydro.phys.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Two or more vortices that are approximately parallel and circulating in the same direction will attract and eventually merge to form a single vortex, whose circulation will equal the sum of the circulations of the constituent vortices.
  • These vortices are similar to the vortices appearing in type-II superconductors. This analogy was used by Nielsen and Olesen in obtaining their solutions.
  • Since 't Hooft operators are creation operators for center vortices, they play an important role in the center vortex scenario for confinement.
  • After the rear inflow jet has bowed the storm system, book end or line end vortices develop on either side of the jet.
  • A more recent picture of the QCD vacuum is one in which center vortices play an important role.
  • Wingtip vortices form the primary component of wake turbulence.
  • The stroke of the foot through the water also generates vortices that aid propulsion.
  • Usually one will also obtain a large number of small vortices when using the above definition.
  • Helmholtz's theorems apply to inviscid flows. In observations of vortices in real fluids the strength of the vortices always decays gradually due to the dissipative effect of viscous forces.
  • The two phases in the theory can be distinguished based on the behavior of the vortices.
  • When the plasma jets hit the inner magnetosphere, vortices with opposite sense of rotation appear and reappear on either side of the plasma jet, they generate plasma vortices.
  • The two-dimensional systems of vortices confined to a finite area can form thermal equilibrium states at negative temperature, and indeed negative temperature states were first predicted by Onsager in his analysis of classical point vortices.
  • Typically vortices appear in speckle pattern in pairs.
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