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VERB   to weigh | weighed | weighed
weighing | weighs
sb./sth. weighedjd./etw. wog
weighed {adj} {past-p}abgewogen
weighed {adj} {past-p}gewogen
sb./sth. weighedjd./etw. wägte
weighed {past-p}gewägt
2 Wörter
carefully weighed {adj} [words]abgezirkelt
weighed down {adj}gebeugt
weighed down {adj} {past-p}niedergedrückt
weighed down {adj} {past-p} [burdened, esp. by guilt]belastet [bes. durch Schuld]
weighed down {adj} {past-p} [with guilt etc.]beladen [mit Schuld etc.]
weighed heavy {past-p}gewuchtet
weighed portionEinwaage {f}
3 Wörter
sb./sth. has / had weighedjd./etw. hat / hatte gewogen
4 Wörter
weighed and found wanting {adj} [also fig.]gewogen und für zu leicht befunden
weighed and found wanting {adj} {past-p} [also fig.] [postpos.]
gewogen und zu leicht befunden [Redewendung]
weighed down by guilt {adj}schuldbeladen
weighed to scientific precision
analytisch genau gewogen
5+ Wörter
Having carefully weighed the advantages ...Nach sorgfältiger Abwägung der Vorteile ...
branch weighed down with fruitschwer mit Früchten beladener Ast {m}
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Weighed in the Balance [Anne Perry]
Die russische Gräfin
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  • Ray Ortega He says he weighed about 180 pounds when he started, but within three years weighed in at 230.
  • In July 1937, Turner introduced the 500 cc Speed Twin, selling at £75. It was smaller and weighed five pounds less than the £70 Tiger 90, and weighed 361 lb (166 kg).
  • Guests learned that their "LGS 250"-type probe vehicle weighed approximately 26 tons, but once miniaturized, weighed less than a drop of water.
  • Other sources say that GGSE-4 weighed only 10 pounds but that it was attached to the much larger Poppy 5, which would have weighed 85 kg and featured an 18-meter boom.
  • The MMC Base weighed in at 4083 lbs, the Technology Package model 4085 lbs, and the ACC/CMBS with no PAX weighed 4110.
  • For third place there was a tie between Tadeusz Dembończyk and Andreas Letz as they both weighed 55.60 kg at the weigh-in and they both had a 265 kg total.
  • The battery weighed 405 lbs. The car's motor was 1 bhp and weighed 100 lbs.
  • All couples weighed in as a team. Arthur (Blue team) weighed in at 507 pounds, the heaviest contestant of the season, and the second-heaviest overall, second only to Season 9's Michael, who weighed 526 pounds.
  • with the locomotive alone, it weighed heavier by 28 percent than its predecessors which normally weighed at [...].
  • In the 19th century, for example, many heavyweight champions weighed [...] or less (although others weighed 200 pounds).
  • In 2012, he weighed about [...] , but also weighed at least 2,000 pounds more at times in the past.
  • and weighed [...] , another female weighed [...] while a lactating female with a forearm length of [...] weighed [...].
  • Males had a mean body length of [...] and weighed between [...]. Females were smaller than males and weighed between [...].
  • The Fiat body was replaced with a new Devin hard-top unit that also weighed just [...]. Overall the finished car weighed just [...].
  • Ammunition was of separate loading bagged charge and projectile. The bagged charges weighed [...] , while the projectiles weighed [...].
  • Ammunition was 105 x 656 mm R and of fixed QF type. A complete round weighed [...]. The projectiles weighed [...].
  • Ammunition was fixed QF type 100 x 869 mm R . A complete cartridge weighed [...] and projectiles weighed [...].
  • Ammunition was of separate loading type with a cartridge case which weighed [...] and a bagged charge which weighed [...].
  • Ammunition was of separate loading bagged charge and projectile type. The bagged ballistite charge weighed [...] and projectiles weighed between [...].
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