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without means {adj} {adv}unvermögend
without means {adv}ohne (finanzielle) Mittel
without means {adj} [postpos.]mittellos
without any means {adv}ohne jegliche Mittel
to be without meansohne Mittel sein
to be without means of transportohne Transportmittel sein
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  • "first and foremost a plan of insurance – of giving in return for contributions benefits up to subsistence levels, as of right and without means test, so that individuals may build freely upon it".
  • Sophie Hagman was met with great sympathy at court because of the good impression she had made and because she was now without means to support herself, and Gustav III therefore promised her a pension.
  • The fungicidal treatments would cause workers to inhale fungicidal dust and come into direct skin contact with the chemicals without means of decontamination until the end of their workday.
  • In his pocket resided a petition signed by lawyers outlining key failures of the legal aid system to adequately provide justice to citizens without means.
  • The "Dresden" then attempted to act as a commerce raider, without much success, until March 1915 when its engines began to break down. Without means of getting repairs, the German light cruiser sailed into neutral Chilean waters at the island of Mas a Tierra where it was cornered by British naval forces.
  • The new phenomenon caused problems because the pastor did not own his vicarage and his widow was thus left without means to support herself after his death.
  • The hospital was run as an independent institution with the purpose of giving free care and cure to patients without means.
  • In 1933, the Nazi "Machtergreifung" in Germany compelled Benseman to move to Montreux where he died soon, relatively unnoticed and without means.
  • and contained lecture halls, printing halls, and housing for gifted students without means.
  • This left them homeless, jobless and without means of support.
  • The Marching Order is the Combat Order in addition to the carrying of the rucksack (Bergen) and is the fighting load required for operations of up to the duration of two weeks, without means of resupply, except for ammunition, rations and water.
  • At the same time the cost of living was growing and many citizens migrated in search of work, leaving their elderly permanently or without means of survival.
  • The first iaitō were made after the Second World War to permit people without means to own a training sword for their practice of modern budō.
  • To the surprise of many, it is actually quite legal for law enforcement agencies to take property from people who haven't been convicted of a crime yet as civil asset forfeiture, a practice which brings in millions of dollars of revenue each year, disproportionately affecting people without means or access to a lawyer.
  • Immunity from enforcement means that even if a person succeeds in any way against their sovereign or state, they and the judgment may find themselves without means of enforcement.
  • His company, although without means of production, continued to exist as a holding.
  • As part of the firm's Corporate Social Responsibility & Pro Bono Legal Services programme, Drew & Napier lawyers offer complimentary legal advice at legal clinics, assist charities and non-profit organization with their registration procedures, agreements, and other legal matters, and also act on legal matters for accused individuals without means.
  • According to the opinion that he did emigrate, along with 300 disciples, they soon found themselves without means of support, and that one Rabbi [...] was then sent to solicit relief in the Ottoman lands.
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