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without mercy {adv}gnadenlos
without mercy {adj}erbarmungs­los
to be without mercygnadenlos sein
Without Mercy [Jack Higgins]
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  • "La Belle Dame sans Merci" ("The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy") is a ballad produced by the English poet John Keats in 1819.
  • The sibling tickling relationship can occasionally develop into an anti-social situation, or tickle torture, where one sibling will tickle the other without mercy.
  • After stopping in Shanghai, Gordon visited the Chinese countryside and was appalled at the atrocities committed by the Taipings against the local peasants, writing to his family he would love to smash this "cruel" army with its "desolating presence" that killed without mercy.
  • Violent offences were punished without mercy, and eminent political figures did not hesitate to express their severe opinion about the difficulty.
  • The prisoners were escorted by Red Army, and often, partisans without mercy for those who fell down frozen or exhausted (Revelli, 1966).
  • Wonder Wart-Hog's one-time love interest is Lois Lamebrain — an analog of Lois Lane — whom he rapes and kills without mercy.
  • "They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)" is a song by the Los Angeles-based punk rock band The Bronx, released as the first single from their 2003 debut album "The Bronx".
  • Strozzi and Carmonte try to surrender but are gunned down without mercy.
  • Rebellions by Hutu peasantry were struck down without mercy, with villages being massacred and property being confiscated.
  • IDF indoctrination pamphlets were distributed to recruits instructing them that God “demands a revenge of extermination without mercy to whoever tries to hurt us for no reason.”.
  • Armato, an assistant professor of Northern Illinois University, argued that while members of the public perceived Karen and Martha as overall good characters, he felt they overlooked the two treating Mary Tilford and Lily Mortar without mercy, prior to the spreading of the rumors.
  • It is only once mentioned in history: during the Second Samnite War (326–304 BC), when—the Ausones having revolted against the Romans—all three of their cities were betrayed into the hands of the Roman consuls, and their inhabitants put to the sword without mercy.
  • Dower in his book "War Without Mercy" (1986). Dower is credited with coining the term "Momotarō paradigm" in this respect.
  • Hunter-Weston wrote to Hamilton (11 August – after criticism had been made of Stopford’s lack of initiative at Suvla) urging that he appoint commanders who would "push unrelentingly, push without ceasing, push without mercy", without regard to the "yelping" of subordinate commanders.
  • Her last appearance was in the Best gulf series in 2006: "Bela Rahma" (Without Mercy); a story of a rich beautiful woman; (Fajer) living with her little sister (Wedd) who suffers from Down Syndrome, and her struggle with her addicted cousin (Jassim) to live a peaceful life.
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