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without pips {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'without pips' von Englisch nach Deutsch

without pips {adj}
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  • At the same time, the rank insignia for supreme general with the rank of field marshal was changed to four pips without batons.
  • The correct name is "sfusato amalfitano", and they are typically long and at least double the size of other lemons, with a thick and wrinkled skin and a sweet and juicy flesh without many pips.
  • Bats cannot digest the seeds and pips of the fruit that they eat and so the seeds leave the bat's digestive system "wrapped" in fertilizer. Without bats, many rain forest trees would not be able to sow their own seeds.
  • Furthermore, PIPs can be consulted without a final decision to undertake a procedure.
  • This has all the ingredients - the pips and the peel - but without the juice".
  • At the time of the song's release, The Pips were on the Fury label where they re-recorded the song without piano.
  • Although Majors and Fawcett were both successful by that time, Weatherly used them as "characters" in his song about a failed actress who leaves Los Angeles, and is followed by her boyfriend who cannot live without her.
  • Alten said the club prevented fights when Sam Cooke performed there by using "Sold Out" signs, which got people to leave without trying to fight to get into the performances.
  • This countdown came with and without the BBC News 24 one-line logo at the bottom and also had programming details overlaid on some junctions.
  • Assisted by the weather and the American confusion that resulted in the Battle of the Pips, Kawase and Kimura completed Operation KE-GO without firing a shot – except when "Abukuma" fired a spread of four torpedoes at Little Kiska Island on 26 July in the mistaken belief that it was an enemy ship – or suffering any casualties and without being detected by Allied forces.
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