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NOUN   a witticism | witticisms
witticismsBonmots {pl}
witticismswitzige Bemerkungen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'witticisms' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Bonmots {pl}

witzige Bemerkungen {pl}
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  • His fame led to non-theatrical expressions: in 1641 a pamphlet titled "The Stage Players Complaint" was printed, which portrays Cane and another famous clown, Timothy Read, exchanging witticisms on the issues of the day, and talking up the worth and value of playacting.
  • After his death his friends published, under the title of "Menagiana", a collection of his witticisms and table talk.
  • AllMusic's Steve Huey praised the song's "caustic yet charming witticisms".
  • Criticisms in the form of poems or witticisms were posted on well-known statues in Rome, as an early instance of bulletin board.
  • The VHS signboard is also used in almost every episode thereafter to display various witticisms, although the name has been changed to that of the school in the show, Flatpoint High School.
  • He is known for his raspy vocals, drunken demeanor, and onstage witticisms.
  • Catullus 64 is an epyllion or "little epic" poem written by Latin poet Catullus. Catullus' longest poem, it retains his famed linguistic witticisms while employing an appropriately epic tone.
  • Lemons became beloved across all of his jobs for his witticisms, but at his most prominent job, Texas, he made a number of notable quotes that made him popular among the fanbase.
  • According to a July 30, 2002 article, Ramo's comments are legendary for capsulizing complex ideas into off-the-cuff witticisms.
  • He wrote little but is remembered by many for his philosophical witticisms.
  • He was also famous for his spontaneous witticisms. On one occasion, Mathew, upon meeting a white friend in the library of an Inn of Court which had many African members, greeted him with "Dr.
  • A collection of her witticisms was published by Swift under the titles of "Bon Mots de Stella" as an appendix to some editions of "Gulliver's Travels"."
  • Although he was able and learned, he is perhaps best known for his witticisms.
  • Politically close to Maximilien Robespierre, he behaved with a zeal and an intransigence that bred a deep hatred among his enemies, along with his tendency for misplaced witticisms.
  • He used a near legendary, finely honed sense of humor with pointedly relevant political witticisms to find solutions to seemingly intractable political and legal problems".
  • As the host of the Lite Café, Jay was known for his observations and witticisms on Sri Lankan politics.
  • He stood out by his sharp wit and agile tongue, and his witticisms left a lasting memory.
  • Bartlet is characterized by manifest integrity, quick witticisms, a fierce intellect, and compassionate stoicism.
  • He also wrote in "Combat" and in the clandestine "Lettres françaises"; his articles were unsigned but written in a characteristic style, identifiable by his puns, witticisms and incessant carriage returns.
  • "Publishers Weekly" has mostly praised the series, but has stated that the "would-be witticisms [...] to grate" in "Once Burned".
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