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NOUN   an x-intercept | x-intercepts
x-Achsenabschnitt {m}
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Übersetzung für 'x-intercept' von Englisch nach Deutsch

x-Achsenabschnitt {m}math.
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  • The point where y=0, or the x-intercept, is called the threshold frequency or theta zero (θ0).
  • Rheobase in the Weiss formula is the slope of the graph. The x-intercept of the Weiss equation is equal to "b x c", or rheobase times chronaxie.
  • The x-intercept gives the concentration of the unknown.
  • Some of the important data of a line is its slope, x-intercept, known points on the line and y-intercept.
  • Thus a change in a non-price determinant of demand is reflected in a change in the x-intercept causing the curve to shift along the x axis.
  • The following graph shows the function "f" in red and the last secant line in bold blue. In the graph, the "x" intercept of the secant line seems to be a good approximation of the root of "f".
  • Graphically this can be seen as the inhibited enzyme having a larger x-intercept.
  • Analogously, an "x"-intercept is a point where the graph of a function or relation intersects with the "x"-axis.
  • The inclined asymptote has a positive slope representing the efficiency of light use, and is called quantum efficiency; the x-intercept is the light intensity at which biochemical assimilation (gross assimilation) balances leaf respiration so that the net CO2 exchange of the leaf is zero, called light compensation point; and a horizontal asymptote representing the maximum assimilation rate.
  • The curve has an x-intercept at [...] and a double point at the origin.
  • The x-intercept lands at 39.5 dynes per centimeter (This can be calculated by setting y equal to zero and solving for x) which is less than that of liquid 2, 42.9 dynes per centimeter; therefore, a more accurate measurement of the critical liquid surface tension needed to effectively wet the surface of PC can be obtained by including liquid 2 when making the line of best fit, as seen in Figure 4.
  • For example, the linear function [...] has slope [...] , "y"-intercept point [...] , and "x"-intercept point [...].
  • By plotting [...] /[...] versus [...] , the Scatchard plot shows that the slope equals to -1/"Kd" while the x-intercept equals the number of ligand binding sites "n".
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