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xiphoid process [Processus xiphoideus]
Xiphoid {n}
xiphoid process [Processus xiphoideus]
Schwertfortsatz {m}
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Übersetzung für 'xiphoid process' von Englisch nach Deutsch

xiphoid process [Processus xiphoideus]
Xiphoid {n}anat.

Schwertfortsatz {m}anat.
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  • The xiphoid process (...), ensiform process, xiphisternum or metasternum, is a small cartilaginous process (extension) of the inferior (lower) part of the sternum, which is usually ossified in the adult human.
  • The cormorants and the darters have a unique bone on the back of the top of the skull known as the "os nuchale" or occipital style which was called a xiphoid process in early literature.
  • These are applied on the lower half of the chest bone, but not in the very endpoint (which is the xiphoid process and could be broken).
  • The pressure is not focused on the very endpoint (named xiphoid process) to avoid breaking it.
  • The right leaflet is the largest, the middle (directed toward the xiphoid process) the next in size, and the left the smallest.
  • Inserts into the conjoint tendon, xiphoid process, linea alba and the pubic crest.
  • It arises on either side from the lower third of the posterior surface of the body of the sternum, from the posterior surface of the xiphoid process, and from the sternal ends of the costal cartilages of the lower three or four true ribs.
  • Accounting for approximately 2% of all CDH cases, it is characterized by herniation through the foramina of Morgagni which are located immediately adjacent and posterior to the xiphoid process of the sternum.
  • The xiphisternum (or xiphoid process of the sternum) is at the same level in the axial plane.
  • It extends from the pubic symphysis, pubic crest and pubic tubercle inferiorly, to the xiphoid process and costal cartilages of ribs V to VII superiorly.
  • In humans, the linea alba runs from the xiphoid process to the pubic symphysis down the midline of the abdomen.
  • The fibrous pericardium is attached to the posterior surface of the sternum by the superior and inferior sternopericardiac ligaments (sternopericardial ligaments); the upper passing to the manubrium, and the lower to the xiphoid process.
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