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xun [Chinese instrument]
Xun {n} [chinesisches Instrument]
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Übersetzung für 'xun' von Englisch nach Deutsch

xun [Chinese instrument]
Xun {n} [chinesisches Instrument]mus.
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  • Dong Guang Xinwen Tai (Chinese: 东广新闻台 (dong guang xin wen tai) kwaŋ ɕin wən tʰaj), whose full callsign is Dong Guang News Radio of Shanghai People's Radio Station (Chinese: 上海人民广播电台东广新闻资讯广播 (shang hai ren min guang bo dian tai dong guang xin wen zi xun guang bo) xaj ʐən min kwaŋ pwɔ tjɛn tʰaj tʊŋ kwaŋ ɕin wən tsɨ ɕyn kwaŋ pwɔ), is a news radio channel in Shanghai in the People's Republic of China, broadcasting at both 90.9 FM and 1296 AM.
  • "Yunjiwei" ("sub-commander of the cloud cavalry") was originally a military rank created in the Sui dynasty, but it was later turned into a military honour in the Tang dynasty as part of the "xun guan" (...) system.
  • The commandery became a prefecture in 590 during the early Sui dynasty, first as Xun Prefecture (...), then as Chao Prefecture (...) in the following year.
  • He succeeded his father Li Gao (Prince Wuzhao) in 417 and aggressively tried to pursue campaigns against rival Northern Liang's prince Juqu Mengxun, but fell into a trap set by Juqu Mengxun in 420 and was killed in battle, bringing destruction to his state (although his brother Li Xun tried to hold out but was defeated soon as well).
  • Traditional xun tea making, that is making tea from dried petals or stamen of flowers, has also experienced a resurgence.
  • Archaeologists have discovered vessel-flutes like the xun in common graves of the Xia dynasty.
  • In articles and interviews he spoke of confrontations with other t'ai chi teachers, including an infamous meeting with one Shen Hong-xun, a master who claimed to have and to teach "empty force", or the ability to move a person without physical contact.
  • Along with Lu xun, Yu Dafu, and Tian Han she signed the declaration of the League of the Freedom Movement in china.
  • An aspiring actress, Jian Pei-xun (Ariel Lin) takes on a case given that requires her to assume a false identity.
  • These ancient instruments are the "xun" 塤 "a globular ocarina" and "chi" 篪 "a transverse bamboo flute", and these Zhou dynasty states were Zheng and Yue.
  • "Cotoneaster conspicuus" (Tibetan cotoneaster, 大果栒子 "da guo xun zi") is a slow-growing, densely-branched, evergreen shrub native to southeast Tibet.
  • Nanjing zhan : xun zhao bei feng bi de ji yi : qin hua Ri jun yuan shi bing 102 ren de zheng yan = Nanjingzhan : xunzhaobeifengbidejiyi : qinhuarijunyuanshibing102rendezhengyan.
  • Ceramic instruments include percussion instruments similar to those Tan Dun had used in previous works, as well as wind instruments and xun.
  • The Tsinghua bamboo slips feature the text "Bao xun" (保訓) which shares the topos of centrality with the "Zhongyong".
  • Huaxun railway station is a station on the Zhengzhou–Jinan high-speed railway.
  • The "Huang-Ming Zuxun" ("Instructions of the Ancestor of the August Ming") were admonitions left by the Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Chinese Ming dynasty, to his descendants.
  • With a collection of approximately 1000 instruments, Raine-Reusch regularly performs on the Chinese "guzheng", "bawu", "hulusi" and "xun"; the Japanese "shō" and "ichigenkin"; the Korean "kayageum"; the Thai "khaen" and "pin pia"; the Australian didjeridu; and the Appalachian dulcimer.
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