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NOUN   a yad | yads / yadim
yad [pointer used in the ritual of Torah-reading]
Jad {m} [Zeigestab zum Deuten auf Textzeilen in der Toralesung]
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  • While it is prohibited in most instances to initially heat a food item to the temperature of "yad soledet bo", foods that have already been fully cooked may sometimes be reheated.
  • There has been a recent resurgence of interest among descendants of survivors in researching the fates of their relatives. Yad Vashem provides a searchable database of three million names, about half of the known Jewish victims.
  • Yod originated from a hieroglyphic “hand”, or *yad.
  • "A Thousand and One Hands" (French: "Les Mille et Une Mains," Arabic": Alf yad wa yad" en arabe) is a 1973 Moroccan film directed by Souheil Ben-Barka.
  • In Senegal, it is mentioned as "mise en valeur des zones du terroir" and in Egypt, it is called Wadaa al-yad.
  • This threshold is known as "yad soledet" (lit. "A hand reflexively recoils to such heat").
  • In 11 September Goshen released "Ke'Homer Be'yad Ha'yotzer", the first single from the album "Tzim'a 4", Israeli record producer Naor Carmi's project of Chabad niggunim albums.
  • He was a pupil of Jñānaśrīmitra, and Ratnakīrti refers to Jñānaśrīmitra in his work as his "guru" with phrases such as "yad āhur guravaḥ".
  • Yad Hanadiv memorializes Baron Edmond James de Rothschild ("Hanadiv Hayadua" - “The well-known benefactor”), and continues the spirit and legacy of the Rothschild Family.
  • The location of the Torah had remained publicly unknown for 13 years after the donation of the yad, but was discovered in 1972 when Homer told Temple Emanu-El member Samuel Landau about the scroll.
  • The two meanings of "īd" stem from formerly different words: *"ʔīd" "hand" < Classical "yad" vs. *"ʕīd" "festival" < Classical "ʕīd".
  • , "al pi Adonai b'yad Moshe") from [...] while looking at the raised Torah during the lifting of the Torah ("Hagbahah") after the Torah reading.
  • Yadollah ([...] , yad-ullah) is a male given name common in Iran and some other countries. The name is of Arabic origin and means "Allah's (God's) hand".
  • I'yad Hutba ([...] , [...]; born November 20, 1987) is an Israeli association football player who plays for Maccabi Bnei Reineh.
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