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yellow earth
Ocker {m} {n}
Yellow Earth [Chen Kaige]
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Übersetzung für 'yellow earth' von Englisch nach Deutsch

yellow earth
Ocker {m} {n}artgeol.mineral.

Yellow Earth [Chen Kaige]
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  • The mushroom is commonly known as the "yellow earth tongue", "yellow fan", of "fairy fan".
  • "Rashomon" – adaptation by Philippe Cherbonnier (after Akutagawa), directed by Kwong Loke, Kumiko Mendl and David K.S. Tse for Yellow Earth Theatre Company, London UK and tour, (2001).
  • The word "choshuenco" may be a corruption of the "chodhuen" and "co" which means yellow earth and water respectively.
  • ... meaning yellow earth), is a village and townland in County Monaghan, Ireland.
  • This tradition gained national notoriety through the film Yellow Earth, which included a scene featuring over 150 real drummers from the region.
  • The yellow earth of this semi-arid area and the buildings of local yellow sandstone make the whole town glow vibrant golden yellow during sunrise.
  • (yellow), Earth (blue), and Mars (red).
  • A reading of his third play called "Yellow Men", at the time (2004), was performed at the Soho Theatre and was produced by Yellow Earth Theatre. It also received Arts Council funding.
  • The Yellow Earth Theatre company is a London-based international touring company formed by five British East Asian performers in 1995.
  • This kind of pigment is known as yellow ochre, yellow earth, limonite, or terra gialla.
  • The Menominee name of the river is "Manōnaeh-Sipiah," meaning "red or yellow earth, clay or chalk-like river".
  • author Qu Yuan writes that Nüwa molded figures from the yellow earth, giving them life and the ability to bear children.
  • He traveled widely during his studies visiting many remote areas such as the Yellow Earth Plateau, Datong and the Taihang mountains.
  • The name derives from the Nahuatl words "tetl", meaning "stone"; "cozaqui", meaning "yellow thing"; and "tla", meaning "place of"; making the entire meaning of Tecozautla "place where yellow earth abounds".
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