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ADJ   yellowed | more yellowed | most yellowed
VERB   to yellow | yellowed | yellowed
yellowing | yellows
SYNO yellow | yellowed
yellowed {adj} {past-p}vergilbt
more yellowed {adj}vergilbter
most yellowed {adj}vergilbteste
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  • When pruning, damaged or yellowed leaves should be removed.
  • The copy gives a better indication of what the portrait looked like at the time, as the varnish on the original has become cracked and yellowed with age.
  • Initially, leaves are stippled or yellowed. Infected leaves curl downward.
  • Not all the furniture delivered by Joubert received a favourable reception: a bombé commode painted with flowers on a white Vernis Martin ground (now yellowed), with "silvered"-bronze mounts, delivered 11 January 1755 for Madame Adelaïde at Versailles, was returned to the "Garde-Meuble" the same day.
  • Then one night, the man dreams of the dream-city Zakarion, in which he finds a yellowed papyrus written by wise dream-sages who exist only within the dream world.
  • The painting was exhibited online in a high-quality digital version after museum curators found that many people thought that a low-quality yellowed version of the image which was circulating on the Internet was a good reproduction of the image.
  • A blue rinse is a dilute hair dye used to reduce the yellowed appearance of grey or white hair.
  • The caterpillars will not eat yellowed leaves, and will move on to another host plant in search of green leaves.
  • Silk resists most mineral acids, except for sulfuric acid, which dissolves it. It is yellowed by perspiration. Chlorine bleach will also destroy silk fabrics.
  • During the Second Sino-Japanese War, American Sino-American Cooperative Organization operatives yellowed their skin using mepacrine tablets in order to more closely match the skin color of their Chinese peers.
  • Yellowed rice (also yellow rice, Japanese: 黄変米 Ouhenmai) refers to three kinds of rice grains contaminated with different strains of Penicillium fungi—Yellow rice ("P.
  • A study that regulated leaf senescence in tobacco leaves found that wild-type leaves yellowed while transgenic leaves remained mostly green.
  • As he sorts through his piles of yellowed newspaper clippings, he relates his paranoid nightmares through three stories.
  • After moving the painting to London, it was restored sufficiently to be able to be displayed in the exhibition, albeit with the shrapnel scars still visible, and "somewhat yellowed by a layer of discoloured varnish".
  • Larvae have been reared on yellowed and withered sedge leaves.
  • It is characterized by large blotches or patches of bleached, yellowed tissue on Caribbean scleractinian corals.
  • In winter there is white fur snow, spring is fragrant due to the flowering of almond and fruit trees, summer is green and fresh, and autumn boasts the gold of yellowed leaves.
  • To determine the pH of an older mat with a white core, look to see if the core (visible where the mat has already been cut) has turned brownish or yellowed; if so, it is acidic.
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