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ADJ   yellow | yellower | yellowest
yellower {adj}gelber
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Übersetzung für 'yellower' von Englisch nach Deutsch

yellower {adj}
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  • Specimens from Dinagat and Siargao have brighter, yellower ventral plumage and have been described as "O.
  • The sexes are identical, but juveniles are much yellower below than the adults and less heavily streaked.
  • To the north, birds are yellower with greener upper parts.
  • It has a more prominent eye ring than any migrant species, and despite that species’ name, is yellower below than yellow-bellied flycatcher.
  • The female is similar, but the top of the head is greyer and the crown patch is smaller or absent. Young birds have a browner cap, a brownish tint to the upperparts and broader, yellower wing bars.
  • The wingspan is about 17 mm. The forewings are yellow whitish, the veins faintly yellower and the costal edge pale fulvous ochreous. The hindwings are pale whitish ochreous tinged with grey.
  • The wingspan is about 20 mm. The forewings are clay greyish, somewhat lighter and yellower at the margin near the base. The hindwings are brownish grey.
  • The wingspan is 13–14 mm. The forewings are pale ochreous or whitish ochreous, greyish sprinkled, the costa sometimes yellower posteriorly. The hindwings are whitish yellowish.
  • The wingspan is about 15 mm. The forewings are pale yellow ochreous, the costa somewhat yellower. The hindwings are whitish ochreous.
  • Adults are sexually dimorphic, with females being much paler and yellower than males. Males also have slightly swollen antennae.
  • The ground colour of the forewings is cream with an indistinct yellow-brown admixture in the basal half of the wing and darker, yellower strigulae (fine streaks) in the terminal area.
  • The Antipodes Island snipe is similar to the nominate subspecies – the Auckland Island snipe – but differs in being darker above and with yellower underparts.
  • The wingspan is about 12 mm. Adults have a pale yellowish-white or greyish-white color with a few yellower streaks and numerous black or brown dots on the wings.
  • There are five subspecies divided into two groups: those east of the Big Bend in Texas, which are more orange in color, and those found in New Mexico and more south, which are yellower in color.
  • In genitalia and facies "Xandrames cnecozona" resembles typical "X. latiferaria" but is slightly larger and yellower. It is considered a synonym but might merit subspecific status.
  • Measurements of specimens indicate that it was slightly larger than the nominate subspecies, as well as having yellower plumage and less extensive red markings on the head.
  • The length of the forewings is [...]. The forewings are yellow and the hindwings grey with yellower costal and distal margins.
  • Hindwing yellowish white, the inner area rather yellower; a small black discoidal spot.
  • ... dodonea" forewings are yellower, less fuscous-tinged towards apex ; hindwings dark grey).
  • Larva yellowish green, sometimes brown; dorsal and subdorsal lines fine, yellowish white;spiracular line broader and yellower; anal segment with a yellow cross bar; spiracles white with black rings.
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