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z score
z-Wert {m}
z-standardisierter Wert {m} [z-Score]
z-score value
z-Score-Wert {m}
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Übersetzung für 'z score' von Englisch nach Deutsch

z score
z-Wert {m}stat.
z-standardisierter Wert {m} [z-Score]math.stat.

z-score value
z-Score-Wert {m}math.stat.
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  • WHO criteria for clinical assessment of malnutrition are based on the degree of wasting (MUAC), stunting (weight-for-height Z-score), and the presence of edema (mild to severe).
  • There are a few methods of standardization, such as min-max, normalization by decimal scaling, Z-score.
  • There are several financial models for analyzing default risk, such as the Jarrow-Turnbull model, Edward Altman's Z-score model, or the structural model of default by Robert C. Merton (Merton Model).
  • Then we find the z-score of 50.
  • The child is in phase two until he/she is no longer wasted z score (WHZ) 2.
  • Bone densities are often given to patients as a T score or a Z score.
  • Computing a z-score requires knowledge of the mean and standard deviation of the complete population to which a data point belongs; if one only has a sample of observations from the population, then the analogous computation using the sample mean and sample standard deviation yields the "t"-statistic.
  • Cutoff points may vary, but <80% (close to −2 Z-score) is often used.
  • If a standard score is applied to the ROC curve, the curve will be transformed into a straight line.
  • A subtle but important distinction from maximal structural superposition is the conversion of an alignment to a meaningful similarity score.
  • The classroom mean score is 96, which is −2.47 standard error units from the population mean of 100.
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