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z-score value
z-Score-Wert {m}
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Übersetzung für 'z-score value' von Englisch nach Deutsch

z-score value
z-Score-Wert {m}math.stat.
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  • The absolute value of z represents the distance between that raw score "x" and the population mean in units of the standard deviation.
  • Like other technologies for estimating the bone mineral density, the outputs are an areal BMD value, a T-score and a Z-score for assessing osteoporosis and the risk of bone fracture.
  • Statistical packages can calculate a standard score (Z-score) for Cohen's kappa or Fleiss's Kappa, which can be converted into a P-value.
  • An alternative definition is that a child suffers from GAM if their weight to height ratio is less than the value at -2 standard deviations on the Z-score for the same measurement in the reference population.
  • The formula uses a player's standard deviations from the mean (a weighted z-score) of the DIPS statistic xFIP (expected Fielding Independent Pitching), swinging strike percentage, overall strike percentage, and the differential between the pitcher's ERA and xFIP to determine a quantitative value for each pitcher.
  • There is no single accepted name for this number; it is also commonly referred to as the "standard normal deviate", "normal score" or "Z score" for the 97.5 percentile point, the .975 point, or just its approximate value, 1.96.
  • Another approach is to use Fisher’s Z-transformation which calculates a z-score for each correlation based on the number of samples.
  • Where ki is the number of neighbors of gene i, zi is the normalized z-score and σi is a binary variable ( i.e 1 means upregulated upon activation and -1 means downregulated).
  • It is very similar to the z-score but with the difference that "t"-statistic is used when the sample size is small or the population standard deviation is unknown.
  • "Limited and Unlimited:" Score often printed their cards on "Limited Print Runs", which meant that it was on a separate production line that would be discontinued after an uncertain amount of time.
  • A subtle but important distinction from maximal structural superposition is the conversion of an alignment to a meaningful similarity score.
  • The classroom mean score is 96, which is −2.47 standard error units from the population mean of 100.
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