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ADJ   zany | zanier | zaniest
NOUN   a zany | zanies
SYNO bozo | buffoonish | clownish | ...
zany {adj} [coll.]verrückt
zany {adj} [coll.]kasperhaft
zany {adj} [coll.]dumm
zany {adj}clownesk
zany {adj}blöd [ugs.]
zany {adj} [humor, comedian]Wahnsinns-
zany {adj}irrsinnig komisch
zany {adj} [coll.]irre komisch [ugs.]
zany [often pej.] [one who makes a buffoon or laughings­tock of himself to amuse others]Hanswurst {m} [oft pej.]
zany [pej.] [coll.] [rare] [a slavish follower, toady]Speichellecker {m} [pej.]
zany [partner of a clown]
Narr {m} [komische Figur]
zany [pej.] [coll.] [rare] [simpleton; a simpleminded person]Blödmann {m} [pej.] [ugs.] [Dummkopf]
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  • Though a comedy, "Cala, My Dog!" moves at a subdued pace. Despite this, during its world premiere in Berlin, sales agents from Celestial Pictures billed the film as a more zany, traditional comedy.
  • The film follows an aspiring actress working as a waitress as she deals with a variety of crazy customers, drunken chefs and other zany hurdles.
  • Kiko usually leads the guests through a series of zany activities (which usually make the guest rather uncomfortable), which are usually interrupted by Kiko announcing, "Now it's time to spin the Wheel of Fun!
  • Plots centered around a bank employee and his "zany, but not dumb" wife and the problems that they encountered.
  • "Kirkus" complained that "the premise is wearing thin", but did add that it still had "enough gags and zany twists in the tale to keep fans turning the pages", and the "Midwest Book Review" thought that it was a "whimsical, zany adventure".
  • Since Big Bang Comics began self-publishing, Protoplasman has become a favourite with fans, with a sense of humor derived from Plastic Man (on whom he was based) and the zany attitude of Canadian actor Jim Carrey.
  • Ten characters in a quasi–Greek chorus inform the audience of the zany plot twists to come. One of them, a man wearing dark glasses and silk pyjamas, is murdered ("Something Funny's Going On").
  • A zany comedy in which a married couple, Zachary and Elsa Meredith, separates due to a series of misunderstandings and begins to date others.
  • "The Games Machine" felt the game could be annoying and confusing at times. "ACE" magazine praised the frenetic, zany action, as well as the aesthetics.
  • Ngai considers how those feelings help us form judgments about the aesthetic world: How do we know to describe something as “interesting” or “zany”, and most importantly, what does our critical vocabulary say about our present time?
  • Liam McDonald for "Game Players PC Entertainment" said "if you're a puzzle fan who hasn't picked up the original, you'll definitely want to explore the zany world of "The Even More Incredible Machine".
  • The youth-oriented film chronicles the zany exploits of the employees at a record store.
  • Kellar (Alan Hale) agrees that Joe's zany antics have to stop.
  • The comic consists of a surreal and zany parody of Zorro.
  • "Coconut Crazy": Brave Heart doesn't think much of Bright Heart's zany inventions but soon changes his tune when one of them saves Cavetown.
  • Dr Rob has been described as a "mad scientist", as well as being "zany" and "mad capped". This is most likely to the very animated style of his TV personality.
  • "The film is a mixture of obsession, singing, zany comedy and nail-biting competition", according to writer/director, Aengus James.
  • Today there is a wide array of television shows that showcase stupidity such as "The Simpsons". Goofball comedy is a class of naive, zany humour typified by actor Leslie Nielsen.
  • "The A.V. Club" [...] s Kevin McFarland wrote that the series continues the "zany legacy" of the Cartoon Network's "golden age" on a competing network.
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