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zhe [Maclura tricuspidata]
Che {m}
zhe [Maclura tricuspidata]
Seidenraupenbaum {m}
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Übersetzung für 'zhe' von Englisch nach Deutsch

zhe [Maclura tricuspidata]
Che {m}bot.T

Seidenraupenbaum {m}bot.T
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "Ren zhe da" producer Robert Tai had reportedly filmed 10 hours of footage for the film that was cut to 90 minutes for release.
  • The most common of these, followed by their Pinyin equivalents, are: "-g" (-ge), "-j" (-zhe), "-m" (-me), "sh" (shi) and "-tz" (-zi).
  • 73. Di Hei, styled Zhe Zi-zhe and Zhe-zhi (狄黑, 晢 子晢 and 晢之), a native of Wei, or of Lu. His tablet is the 26th, east.
  • "Wuchan zhe yesu zhuan" (...), translated into English as "Jesus the Proletarian", is a Chinese historical novel based on the life of Jesus.
  • Roger Glanzmann (born 15 April 1968) is a Swiss former footballer who played in zhe 1980s and 1990s as goalkeeper.
  • Zhang Zhizhen won the title after defeating Li Zhe 6–3, 4–6, 6–1 in the final.
  • "Goniurosaurus zhelongi", also called the Zhe-long's leopard gecko, is a gecko endemic to China.
  • The "dignity of chieftainship in an Ojibway tribe" was given to Curran in 1923. His Indian name "Geeche-me-zhe-nah-we", means The Great Messenger.
  • styled Wanzhen 完真, d. 1652) was a Chinese official during the early Qing dynasty and the first Viceroy of Min-Zhe (under the title Viceroy of Zhe-Min), appointed between 1645 and 1647.
  • It is under the pastoral responsibility of Bishop Paul Xie Ting-zhe (謝庭哲).
  • Her 1981 book "Xiafei zhi jia" (A family from Xiafei) was made into a 1985 film "Wo zhe yang guo le yi sheng" (The life of Guimei).
  • Xu Rong-zhe (許榮哲), Taiwanese author of the novel 迷藏 (Mi-Cang), once said that he was influenced by Luo Yijun and Taiwanese author Yuan Zhe-sheng (袁哲生).
  • "This Life of Mine" (Mandarin: "Wo zhe yi bei zi" 我這一輩子) is a 1950 Chinese film directed by Shi Hui.
  • Paul Xie Ting-zhe (1931 – 14 August 2017) was a Roman Catholic bishop.
  • Dvesha (Sanskrit: द्वेष, IAST: "dveṣa"; Pali: दोस, "dosa"; Tibetan: "zhe sdang") is a Buddhist and Hindu term that is translated as "hate, aversion".
  • "Living @ Home" is a photo documentary series in which Jorge documents the everyday lives of zher family.
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