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A (class) items [ABC analysis]
A-Teile {pl} [ABC-Analyse]
B (class) items [ABC analysis]
B-Teile {pl} [ABC-Analyse]
C (class) items [ABC analysis]
C-Teile {pl} [ABC-Analyse]
C (class) items [ABC analysis, materials management]
Penner {pl} [ugs.] [C-Teile in der ABC-Analyse]
class-A operationA-Betrieb {m}
to cut a class
eine Stunde schwänzen [ugs.]
to conduct a class
eine Stunde geben [Schule]
to attend a class
eine Klasse besuchen
to reckon among a classzu einer Klasse rechnen
to take a step classeinen Steppkurs machen
as a class {adv} [school class]
im Klassenverband
to have a working class backgroundaus der Arbeiterklasse stammen
They are a class apart.Sie sind eine Klasse für sich.
They are a class apart.Sie sind eine besondere Klasse.
to be a class act [coll.]
spitze sein [ugs.] [auch: Spitze sein]
to be in a class by oneself
eine Klasse für sich sein
girl from a working-class familyArbeitermädchen {n}
son of a working class familyArbeitersohn {m}
subject (matter) of a class test
Schularbeitsstoff {m} [österr.] [südd.]
belonging to a (specific) social class
(soziale) Schichtzugehörigkeit {f}
film with a top-class casthochkarätig besetzter Film {m}
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  • Navy and Huntington Ingalls signed a contract for long lead items for LPD-30, the first of the 13-ship more affordable Flight II class.
  • In some cases, a further distinction is made between the collective and what is known in some terminologies as the plurative, the former referencing multiple items as a class, the latter referencing them as individual units.
  • Light, first-class items generally take less than a week to or from the mainland.
  • However a more common solution is to first make a more simple object called a traits object which contains the items that one would normally associate with a class.
  • The growing economy of Baghdad and other cities inevitably led to the demand for luxury items and formed a class of entrepreneurs who organized long-range caravans for the trade and then the distribution of their goods.

  • On 29 January 2010 the US government announced five notifications to US Congress for arms sales to the ROC, two Osprey class mine hunters for $105 million (all figures in US dollars), 25 Link 16 terminals on ships for $340 million, two ship- and two air-launched Harpoon L/II for $37 million, 60 UH-60M and other related items for $3.1 billion and three PAC-3 batteries with 26 launchers and 114 PAC-3 missiles for $2.81 billion, for a total $6.392 billion overall.
  • The first two of these checks take place primarily during the verification step that occurs when a class is loaded and made eligible for use.
  • Luxurification in society can be seen when middle class members of society, are willing to pay premium prices for a service or product of the highest quality when compared with similar goods.
  • The d20 System also introduced the concept of prestige classes which bundle sets of mechanics, character development and requirements into a package which can be "leveled" like an ordinary class.
  • These items cover nearly every class of product. Cloth material printed with bank note patterns is used for clothing, bed linens, curtains, upholstery and more.

  • This decision resulted in limiting troops in the field to a single class of packaged ration that despite meal variances was neither suited to varied field environments nor for long-term use.
  • Consider a class of students taking a 100-item true/false test on a subject.
  • If the buyer is in a hurry, he or she might be able to pay an extra fee to upgrade to second-class Surface Air Lifted shipping or to first-class airmail shipping.
  • Indigenous heritage toddlers and caregivers in San Pedro were observed to frequently coordinate their activities with other members of a group in ways parallel to a model of simultaneous attention, whereas middle-class European-descent families in the U.S.
  • Cable transport is a broad class of transport modes that have cables.

  • The tape was also used for inventory tracking, recording department and class numbers of items sold.
  • The 767 features a twin-aisle cabin with a typical configuration of six abreast in business class and seven across in economy.
  • Pochteca occupied a high status in Aztec society, below the noble class.
  • Collation differs from "classification" in that the classes themselves are not necessarily ordered.
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