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NOUN   a bedtime story | bedtime stories
A Bedtime Story [Norman Taurog]
Alles für das Kind
bedtime story
Gutenachtgeschichte {f}
bedtime storyBettkantengeschichte {f}
to narrate a storyeine Geschichte erzählen
a compelling story
eine packende Geschichte {f}
a compelling story
eine fesselnde Geschichte {f}
to whitewash a storyeine Geschichte beschönigen
to corroborate a storyeine Geschichte bestätigen
to amplify a storyeine Geschichte ausschmücken
to compress a storyeine Geschichte in Kurzform wiedergeben
to embellish a storyeine Geschichte ausschmücken
to close a storyeine Geschichte abschließen
a compelling story
eine mitreißende Geschichte {f}
to tell a storyeine Geschichte erzählen
to broadcast a storyeine Geschichte herumerzählen
to abridge a storyeine Geschichte kürzen
matter for a storyStoff {m} für eine Geschichte
a story for reflectioneine Geschichte {f} zum Nachdenken
sequel of a storyFortsetzung {f} einer Geschichte
a story for reflectioneine nachdenkenswerte Geschichte {f}
story with a moralGeschichte {f} mit einer Moral
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Bancroft's son, Max Brooks, said in a 2020 interview that she was "a secret, closet scientist". He said that, as a child, she read to him Paul de Kruif's "Microbe Hunters" (1926) as a bedtime story.
  • A scene was removed where Nani brings Lilo pizza and then Lilo tells herself a bedtime story about a friendly and stinky bear named Toaster.
  • In March 2017, Peter Jefferson recorded a reinvented version of the Shipping Forecast as "a bedtime story for grown-ups".
  • It finished with a bedtime story read by the late Lasse Pöysti (1927-2019) and an East German Sandman animation, setting the format for hundreds of later episodes.
  • The game's Genesis release was promoted with a television commercial in which an elderly woman tells a bedtime story about Earthworm Jim while eating live earthworms (actually plastic props).

  • "Shhhhh! Everybody's Sleeping" is a bedtime story that discusses fictional bedtimes for people of different professions (farmer, baker, etc.).
  • A bedtime story is a popular form of storytelling.
  • In 2022, the book was featured as a bedtime story in the HBO series "Westworld" Season 4, Episode 1 "The Auguries".
  • William tells Danny a bedtime story sequence of a "Big Friendly Giant" who captures good dreams and blows them into children's bedrooms at night.
  • She said her father later told her that if they had simply said goodnight after a bedtime story, he assumed it wasn't a good idea.

  • Intro: Snoop reads a bedtime story from "Big black Booty" tales-book.
  • This can look differently among families, but will generally consist of a set of rituals such as reading a bedtime story, a bath, brushing teeth, and can also include a show of affection from the parent to the child such a hug or kiss before bed.
  • The idea for the book began as a bedtime story for Brown’s sons, which Brown turned into the first Flat Stanley book.
  • It was originally written for Crowley's daughter, Lola Zaza, as a bedtime story.
  • David Boon himself appeared in one episode in which he read the brothers a bedtime story.

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