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A flat major
As-Dur {n}
3 Wörter
A flat major scale
As-Dur-Tonleiter {f}
D flat major
Des-Dur {n}
F flat major
Fes-Dur {n}
E flat major
Es-Dur {n}
G flat major
Ges-Dur {n}
B flat major
B-Dur {n}
C flat major
Ces-Dur {n}
A sharp major <A♯ major>
Ais-Dur {n} <Ais, A♯>
a major ...ein größerer ...
A major scale
A-Dur-Tonleiter {f}
to become a majorvolljährig werden
to brevet sb. a major
jdn. zum Major ehrenhalber ernennen [Ernennung ohne die höhere Besoldung]
to play a major roleeine größere Rolle spielen
on a major level {adv}auf höherer Ebene
in a major key {adv}
in Dur
a major honour [Br.]eine große Ehre {f}
to confer a major edge
einen beachtlichen Wettbewerbsvorteil verschaffen
a major health problemein großes Gesundheitsproblem {n}
to be a major in sth.
etw.Akk. im Hauptfach studieren
piece in a major key
Stück {n} in Dur
to be a major in sth.
etw.Akk. als Hauptfach studieren
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The celebrated Polish pianist and composer Sigismund Stojowski made his only records for Lyric, of Anton Rubinstein's "Valse caprice" in E-flat and Frédéric Chopin's Waltz in A-flat major op.
  • In A-flat major, the metrically altered main theme is referenced by piano arpeggios.
  • He and Mendelssohn were also soloists in Mendelssohn's Concerto in A-flat major for 2 pianos and orchestra.
  • The work's main key is A-flat major, rare for a symphony.
  • The first two verses are in the key of E flat minor, and the chorus after each verse transitions to A flat major.

  • Liebestraum No. 3 in A-flat major is the last of the three that Liszt wrote and the most popular.
  • The waltz makes a grand entry in the key of B-flat major with loud chords preceded with the waltz's three beats to the bar ushering the first waltz's gentle and swirling melody.
  • 1 in A flat major by Edward Elgar. His favourite piece was "I'm Down in the Dumps" by Bessie Smith.
  • The Polonaise-fantaisie in A-flat major, Op. 61, is a composition for piano by Frédéric Chopin. It was dedicated to Mme A. Veyret, written and published in 1846.
  • The composition starts in the key of A-flat major and changes to D-flat major during the first part of the trio, then modulates back to A-flat major.

  • In 1821, eleven-year-old Chopin dedicated a Polonaise in A-flat major to Żywny as a name-day gift.
  • ... 110 in A flat major). [...] He was also finalist at the International Pianists Competition in Udine – Italy.
  • 1 in A-flat major; Wagner's "Walter's Trial Song" from "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg"; Debussy's "Fêtes" from "Nocturnes"; Lambert's "The Rio Grande"; Walton's Symphony No.
  • G major is the key stipulated by Queen Elizabeth II to be used for "God Save the Queen" in Canada.
  • The song is written in the key of E major. The verses follow the chord progression of E–Bsus4–Aadd9–E–B.

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