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A1 {adj} [coll.]erstklassig
A1 {adj} [coll.]1A [ugs.]
vitamin A1
Vitamin {n} A1
A1 at Lloyd's
erste Klasse {f}
first annular pulley <A1 pulley>
A1-Ringband {n} [Hand]
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  • A1-Ringband {n} [Hand] = first annular pulley <A1 pulley>
  • Vitamin {n} A1 = vitamin A1
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  • "Everytime" is an existing English song sung by British boy band, a1, in 1999.
  • A diagonalizing frame a1, a2, a3 consists of the normal vector a3, and two principal directions a1 and a2.
  • The oxygen atomic orbitals are labeled according to their symmetry as a1 for the 2s orbital and b1 (2px), b2 (2py) and a1 (2pz) for the three 2p orbitals.
  • Note that now, the largest probability is three quarters, and is found when b1 is just one position behind a1.
  • Themes for Black: queenside pawn storm, a1–h8 diagonal.

  • Anyone with Fritz9 can verify this table by entering in the idns. It directly refers to just those SPs with bishop's code 0 i.e. with the bishops on a1 and b1.
  • (a1, b1) "o" (a2, b2) = (a1 ∨ (b1 ∧ a2), b1 ∧ b2).
  • A1 (stylised as a1) is a British-Norwegian boy group formed in 1998.
  • Feldfu.a1: 120-156 MHz infantry, a VHF transceiver. .15 Watt output AM voice and CW. Range 1.5 km.
  • Alplus or A1+ (...) is an independent Armenian media network. Until 2002, it had a TV channel which was closed by the government of Robert Kocharyan. Now it is present online at www.a1plus.am.

  • When comparing alternatives 121 and 112, for example, a1 can be subtracted from both sides of a1 + b2 + c1 "vs" a1 + b1 + c2.
  • A wall move is denoted by the closest square to a1, with a horizontal h or vertical v orientation.
  • A triprotic acid (H3A) can undergo one, two, or three dissociations and has three dissociation constants, where "K"a1 > "K"a2 > "K"a3.
  • The symmetric part of E ⊗ E is A1 + E. Therefore, the state E will couple to vibrational modes [...] transforming as a1 and e.
  • Axioms u1 up to u4 define a t-conorm (aka s-norm or fuzzy union). The standard t-conorm max is the only idempotent t-conorm (i. e. u (a1, a1) = a for all a ∈ [...]).

  • "N = 1:" This is the babbling equilibrium. "t0 = 0, t1 = 1"; "a1 = 1/2 = 0.5".
  • Provided [...] this is realizable impedance, where "Z"a1 is a combination of two resistors and an inductor, as shown in the left-hand circuit below, and "Z"b1 is the dual of "Z"a1.
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