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asymmetric digital subscriber line <ADSL>
ADSL-Anschluss {m} [asymmetrischer, digitaler Teilnehmer-Anschluss]
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line <ADSL>
asymmetrische digitale Teilnehmeranschlussleitung {f}
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  • ADSL-Anschluss {m} [asymmetrischer, digitaler Teilnehmer-Anschluss] = asymmetric digital subscriber line <ADSL>
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  • The Texas Instruments AR7 or TI-AR7 is a fully integrated single-chip ADSL CPE access router solution.
  • 5 for all digital mode ADSL with improved spectral compatibility with ADSL over ISDN, which means that it is a type of naked DSL which will not disturb existing Annex B ADSL services in the same cable binder.
  • In June 2008 the Belgian Internet providers Dommel and Yabu ADSL announced nationwide ADSL subscriptions without the data limits.
  • St Cyrus has its own telephone exchange (code ESSTC). The exchange is fully enabled for BT ADSL, both fixed speed and ADSL Max flavours.
  • When the issue was originally reported, D-Link seemed to have misunderstood that the same issue has been discovered by the Linux community at large to be common across a number of their router models and they failed to provide a complete fix across the board for all adsl router models.

  • Irish Broadband and Imagine also resell ADSL connectivity on the Eircom Bitstream network, offering ADSL speeds from 1Mb up to 12Mb.
  • It was enabled for ADSL in October 2004 and ADSL Max in March 2006.
  • 5 (also referred to as ADSL2+, G.dmt.bis+, and G.adslplus) is an ITU-T standard for asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) broadband Internet access.
  • The Wheldrake telephone exchange became ADSL enabled from September 2004, and ADSL Max enabled in March 2006. It has been accepting orders for FTTC BT Infinity since March 2014.
  • These advantages made ADSL a better proposition for customers requiring Internet access than metered dial up, while also allowing voice calls to be received at the same time as a data connection.

  • In October 2003, Agile installed its own equipment in the Telstra exchange at Meningie, South Australia to provide ADSL to a town where Telstra was yet to provide broadband ADSL.
  • Telkom provides ADSL retail services via their ISP Telkom Internet to consumer and business customers, and through Telkom Wholesale to other licensed operators.
  • ADSL services are typically delivered using the telephone cabling. An ADSL modem needs a filter to segregate voice handsets from the ADSL modem.
  • ADSL initially existed in two versions (similar to VDSL), namely CAP and DMT.
  • However, starting from 2011; ADSL in Syria costs much less than previously (4M ADSL Subscription costs approximately 4$ which permits a student to attend classes).

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