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androsterone <ADT> [C19H30O2]
Androsteron {n} <ADT>
abstract data type <ADT>
abstrakter Datentyp {m} <ADT>
algebraic data type <ADT>
algebraischer Datentyp {m} <ADT>
androgen deprivation therapy <ADT>
Androgendeprivationstherapie {f} <ADT>
articulated dump truck <ADT>
Muldenkipper {m} mit Knickgelenk
asynchronous data transmission <ADT>
Asynchronverfahren {n}
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  • Androgendeprivationstherapie {f} <ADT> = androgen deprivation therapy <ADT>
  • Androsteron {n} <ADT> = androsterone <ADT> [C19H30O2]
  • abstrakter Datentyp {m} <ADT> = abstract data type <ADT>
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  • In November 2021, ADT announced an agreement to acquire Sunpro Solar, a residential rooftop solar power contractor, for $160 million in cash plus approximately 77.8 million shares of ADT common stock, implying a total enterprise value of approximately $825 million.
  • In 2021, he joined Filipino club ADT. Reyes made his debut for ADT in a 2–0 defeat against Kaya–Iloilo in 2021 Copa Paulino Alcantara.
  • Both ADT and Kaya–Iloilo were drawn to Group B along with Mendiola for the 2021 Copa Paulino Alcantara.
  • Adt is the father of the German business executive Katrin Adt.
  • Fung won the Order of Merit (money title) on the 2013 Asian Development Tour (ADT). He won ADT events in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

  • ADT 9 and ADT 12 survive. ADT 9 was used as an office at the Mary Springs lead mine off the North West Coastal Highway, north of the Murchison River.
  • For the 2014 ADT season, the ADT changed its policy to award Asian Tour cards to the top five players on the ADT Order of Merit, up from three in previous seasons.
  • In April 2021, ADT Inc. sued Ring LLC for trademark infringement, after re-introducing blue octagonal signs that were too similar to the ADT logo.
  • In addition to 3D printing, the Y-20 is also the first aircraft in China adopting associative design technology (ADT) in its development.
  • The State of Texas tasked all TX ARNG Agricultural Development Support Teams (ADT) to be formed and supported by 71BFSB.

  • In 2018, Vivint agreed to a $10 million settlement with ADT after ADT claimed that Vivint agents had fraudulently signed up ADT’s customers to Vivint contracts.
  • Implementing an ADT means providing one procedure or function for each abstract operation.
  • The school was originally called Epsom County Grammar School for Boys, which then was changed to Glyn County Grammar School for Boys (informally “Glyn Grammar”) at the instigation of the new headteacher Norman Dawson in 1951.
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