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automated fingerprint identification system <AFIS> automatisiertes Fingerabdruckidentifizierungs­system {n} <AFIS>
Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems <AFIS>
Automatisches Fingerabdruck-Identifikationssystem {n} <AFIS>
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  • automatisiertes Fingerabdruckidentifizierungssystem {n} <AFIS> = automated fingerprint identification system <AFIS>
  • Automatisches Fingerabdruck-Identifikationssystem {n} <AFIS> = Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems <AFIS>
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  • Air Force members are required to know, understand, and implement AFIs which apply to their duties and responsibilities.
  • AFIS is not internationally regulated like Air traffic control is by ICAO. However, Eurocontrol have issued a recommendation called Eurocontrol manual for AFIS.
  • The AFIS UNICOM frequency is 123.3 MHz and is open to all operations from dawn to dusk.
  • In 1977 AFIS was established. AFIS was originally responsible for the Armed Forces Information Program as well as the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.
  • The airport is now under certification process to obtain certification for IFR AFIS with RNAV / GNSS non-precision approach.

  • The AFIS was implemented by the Ideco Group, who also completed the HANIS system discussed above.
  • The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), the core platform technology for the NIS, enables accurate and prompt fingerprint matching with real-time accessibility when completed.
  • According to George L. Klein, Hadrach has been identified with the Assyrian place-name Hatarikka, or Aramean Hazrik, (the capital of Luhuti) possibly located at Tell Afis.
  • Tell Afis is an archaeological site in the Idlib region of northern Syria, and lies about fifty kilometres southeast of Aleppo.
  • Service AFIS available frequency 118.125: November–March: 0800-1100, 1200-1600 UTC and from April to October: 0630-1700 UTC. Other on request.

  • Cogent Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS).
  • Zetes delivers secure people authentication solutions [...] to governments, administrative units and public institutions, based on technologies: biometrics, AFIS and smart cards.
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