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Abah River flying frog [Rhacophorus nigropalmatus]
Wallace-Flugfrosch {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Abah' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Abah River flying frog [Rhacophorus nigropalmatus]
Wallace-Flugfrosch {m}zool.T
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  • Orked fools around with Ariff in the bathroom early one morning to be interrupted by her mother Mak Inom yelling of Orked's "abah" (father)" Pak Atan in great danger -presumed from diabetic complications- and the whole family, with their maid Kak Yam and chauffeur Anuar, frantically rushed him to the hospital.
  • The words "dizabin abah" (דְּזַבִּין אַבָּא) in the second line of the song literally mean "which father sold", rather than "which father bought".
  • In 1791, Saint Yousab El Abah (also Joseph el-Abbah) was the bishop of the city.
  • Currently, they were under the leadership of chief Ambuk Abah Ampalang (Alfur name).
  • Baitul Mukarram's large cube shape was modeled after that of the Ka'abah at Mecca making it a noticeable structure unlike any other mosque in Bangladesh.

  • As the significance of the subject of the talk required its affirmation on the event of Hajj Muhammad dispatched Ali to follow Abu Bakr, who had just left for Makkah to lead the Pilgrims to the Ka'abah.
  • In Karaj, near Tehran, protesters filmed burning and ripping up an "abah", a long robe traditionally worn by Shi'ite clerics.
  • The story of a rich family who became poor. Abah was once a successful and wealthy businessman in Jakarta.
  • APC candidate John Monday Ugada Abah won the election.
  • Some of them include Abah Folawiyo, Betti O, Folorunsho Alakija, and Nike Okundaye, who all have had great impact on Nigerian fashion.

  • Mohammed Seidu Abah is a Ghanaian politician and was the member of parliament for the Chereponi constituency in the Northern region of Ghana.
  • Enejoh Abah and Peace Orji won a bronze medal in the mixed doubles event.
  • El Abah was born in the village of El Nikhela in the Assiut Governorate, Egypt.
  • Two session members guitarists, Abah Desecrator and Igor Nazaroth were brought in for temporary replacement, while Reyza was officially appointed as permanent member.
  • The general meaning is "sharpened point/ nib of the spear or lance(t)" which could possibly have a symbolic connotation representing a pointed arch, some referring to the niche of a "mihrab", since the mihrab represent the "point, direction" of prayer to the Ka'abah in Islam.

  • He stated that nomination of Humphrey Enemakwu Abah for a ministerial position would violate Section 14 of the Nigerian Constitution, which deals with Federal Character.
  • In 1965, Venerable Nhiek Nou, a monk of the Dhammayut order, published a booklet entitled "Kpuon Abah-bibah "or the "Treaty concerning Marriage".
  • Eneojo Joseph Abah [...] (born 16 February 1990) is a Nigerian badminton player.
  • The fourth volume includes: "S:abâh:.. wa-yazh:af al-layl" (For tomorrow...and the face of the night, 1984).
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