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NOUN   Abelard | -
SYNO Abelard | Peter Abelard | Pierre Abelard
Abälard {m}
Abaelard {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Abelard' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Abälard {m}hist.

Abaelard {m}hist.relig.
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  • Abelard refers to Pierre Abelard (1079–1142), a 12th-century French scholastic philosopher and logician.
  • The Abbey of the Paraclete was founded by the poet and theologian Abelard.
  • Abélard tells the story of his relationship with Héloïse, whom he met in 1115, when he taught in the Paris schools of Notre Dame. Abelard describes their relationship as beginning with a premeditated seduction, but Heloise contests this perspective adamantly in her replies.
  • He was one of the pupils of Pierre Abélard at his oratory of the Paraclete, and addressed to him a copy of verses with its refrain in the vulgar tongue, "Tort avers vos li mestre", Abelard having threatened to discontinue his teaching because of certain reports made by his servant about the conduct of the scholars.
  • Mews has since discovered further textual parallels between the letters and the writings of Abelard which further support his arguments, included in "Abelard and Heloise, Great Medieval Thinkers" and journal articles published in 2007 and 2009.
  • Nevertheless, Abelard and Heloise pursue their relationship; they make love in her bed and also within a barn (they are overheard by a peasant girl when they come) and eventually have a child and later are secretly married.
  • Peter Abélard was a medieval thinker whose work is currently classified as having the most potential in representing the roots of conceptualism. Abélard’s view denied the existence of determinate universals within things. William of Ockham was another famous late medieval thinker who had a strictly conceptualist solution to the metaphysical problem of universals. He argued that abstract concepts have no "fundamentum" outside the mind.
  • Fontaines Héloise-et-Abélard, Square Héloise-et-Abélard, 22 rue Pierre Gourdault 1991, Thierry Laverne and Philippe Raguin, landscape architects.
  • A notable error by Orczy comes when the climactic chapter ends at the grave of Abélard and Héloïse at Pere Lachaise cemetery; the cemetery was not founded until 1804, over ten years after the events of the story, and Abélard's and Héloïse's remains not moved there until 1817.
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