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SYNO B-horizon | B horizon
B-Horizont {m}
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Übersetzung für 'B horizon' von Englisch nach Deutsch

B-Horizont {m}geol.
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  • The most important factors determining site quality for black oak are the thickness and texture of the A horizon, texture of the B horizon, aspect, and slope position.
  • While a mixture of sand, silt and clay constitute the texture of a soil and the aggregation of those components produces peds, the development of a distinct B horizon marks the development of a soil or pedogenesis.
  • They are divided among 3 great groups on the basis of the kind of Podzolic B horizon.
  • The slaking property does not necessarily have to be in the A horizon, with B horizon slaking only becoming a problem when the A horizon is disturbed or eroded away.
  • To conceive of hardened carbonate accumulations extending for 5 meters or more below the B horizon as part of the solum is more difficult.
  • The sesquioxides are translocated from the A Horizon, a zone of out-washing, to the B Horizon, a zone of illuviation.
  • With only a thin A horizon (topsoil), and intermittent precipitation calcite, other soluble minerals ordinarily removed by water may build up in the B horizon (subsoil) forming a cemented layer known as caliche.
  • In France they have been included with "sol brun acide", although these soils may tend to have more iron and aluminium in the B horizon, and tend to what, in the British classification, is called a brown podzolic soil.
  • The subsoil is also called B Horizon.
  • These soils have ABC profiles. Accumulation of calcium sulphate, with or without carbonates, is concentrated in and below the B horizon.
  • There are several reasons why these organo-mineral complexes immobilize in the B horizon: If during the eluviation process more Al- or Fe-ions bind to the organic compounds, the complex can flocculate as the solubility of it decreases with increasing metal to carbon ratio.
  • In these soils, well defined Ae (E) horizons are common in less disturbed areas and the B horizon may be locally cemented.
  • Heavily podzolized Thom soils with a thick iron humate B horizon cover most of the hills.
  • The Pre-Pottery Neolithic B horizon is present; later the site shows an uninterrupted sequence from the pre-pottery to ceramic phase.
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