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NOUN   a B-picture | B-pictures
zweitklassiger Film {m}
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Übersetzung für 'B picture' von Englisch nach Deutsch

zweitklassiger Film {m}film
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  • Back at Fox, Andrews was given his first lead, in the B-picture war movie "Berlin Correspondent" (1942).
  • He also appeared in "Superman and the Mole Men" (1951), a B-Picture intended as the pilot for the "Adventures of Superman" TV series.
  • Wilde was then signed by 20th Century Fox who gave him a good role in a B picture "The Perfect Snob" (1941). It was followed by a war movie "Manila Calling" (1942).
  • He was given the lead in a B picture, "Waterfront" (1939), followed by "No Place to Go" (1939) and "The Return of Doctor X" (1939) with Humphrey Bogart.
  • However, "Five Came Back" wound up being made as a B picture, albeit a higher budgeted one than normal films of the type.
  • These studios produced films on a larger scale, and initially the comedians were hired only as actors in the B-picture division, forced to yield the writing and editing decisions to the production teams.
  • Originally, the story was intended as a B picture to star George Sanders and Anne Shirley.
  • On his return to Hollywood, Farrow resumed working as a B-picture director for Warner Bros., with "West of Shanghai" (1937) with Boris Karloff and "She Loved a Fireman" (1937) with Dick Foran and Ann Sheridan.
  • Bryan Foy the former head of the B-picture unit at Warner Bros., was in charge of production.
  • Metro refused to acknowledge that they had made a star and immediately put him into a B-picture titled "Uncharted Seas".
  • Richard Fleischer says that Sid Rogell, head of RKO's B Picture unit, bullied Harold Clurman during production meetings, saying he would "kick the director right in the balls".
  • She also played scientist Nora Goodrich in the B picture cult film "Strange Impersonation" (1946).
  • The B picture support is designed in a basically similar way to the way it is found in MPEG-2 Part 2 and H.263v2.
  • Fox Studios gave him the lead in a B picture, "Dinner at the Ritz" (1938) and he again had a supporting role in "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" (1938) directed by Ernst Lubitsch at Paramount.
  • Fox then cast him as Philip Marlowe in "The Brasher Doubloon" (1947), a B-picture version of the novel "The High Window" by Raymond Chandler.
  • The film was produced by Bryan Foy who was head of Warners B picture unit until 1942.
  • Before production would begin on "Laura", Preminger was given the green light to produce and direct "Army Wives", another B-picture morale booster for a country at war.
  • Before the 1970s, there were "double features"; typically, a high-quality "A" picture" rented by an independent theater for a lump sum, and a lower-quality "B" picture" rented for a percentage of the gross receipts.
  • (October 25, 1892 – September 3, 1975) was a motion-picture cinematographer best remembered for his work at RKO Pictures in the 1940s, including many of Val Lewton's series of B-picture horror films.
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