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B sharp major
His-Dur {n}
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Übersetzung für 'B sharp major' von Englisch nach Deutsch

B sharp major
His-Dur {n}mus.
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  • Uses a four-key exposition (B major, G major, E major, F-sharp major).
  • The suite is in four movements: "Lento: Allegro moderato" in D minor, "Lento" in B minor, "Menuetto" in F-sharp major, and "Allegro" in D major.
  • This E minor waltz is in a modified rondo form as "Introduction–A–B–A–B–A–C–A'–coda". The "C" is in E major with temporary modulations to G-sharp minor.
  • If F-sharp major must absolutely be used, one should take care that B♭ wind instruments be notated in A-flat major, rather than G-sharp major (or E♮/B♮ instruments used instead, giving a transposed key of D major/G major).
  • Musically, "The Love Bug" is a R&B and hip hop number that is composed in the key of C-sharp major with a tempo of 117 beats per minute.
  • 18", from both books of "The Well-Tempered Clavier" which is also in G-sharp minor; both movements from Book 1 end with a Picardy third, requiring a B-sharp in the final G-sharp major chord.
  • The device raises the pitch of the second (B) string by one whole step (two frets) to C-sharp.
  • A sharp series of loud chords interrupts the playful mood and a long clarinet passage ushers in the first waltz theme in G major.
  • This interpretation is strengthened by the observation that this G-sharp minor chord with an added lower seventh (E-sharp or F is a seventh below the reference of this G-sharp minor chord, the D-sharp) resolves in an E major chord with an added upper seventh (see also the adjoining animated figure).
  • The album opens with an orchestral intro that introduces the first track "Honeymoon Avenue", a downtempo song composed in the key of F-sharp major and set in a [...] time signature at a moderate tempo of 63 beats per minute.
  • The tuning produced following Stråhle's instructions is a rational temperament with a range of fifths from 696 to 704 cents, which is from about one cent flatter than a meantone fifth to two cents sharp of just 3:2; the range of major thirds is from 396 cents to 404 cents, or ten cents sharp of just 5/4 to three cents flat of Pythagorean 81/64.
  • In a different tuning system (such as 19 tone equal temperament) there may be keys that do require a double-sharp or double-flat in the key signature, and no longer have conventional equivalents.
  • Charlton, went forward across a wooded bridge over the Kampong To stream and with the runner he turned the sharp bend a hundred meters ahead.
  • Y. Sharp in University of Sheffield, England. His thesis title was "Modules of Generalized Fractions and Their Applications in Commutative Algebra" which is the first published paper on the topic.
  • octave G—d—g with the upper tetrachord (δ' d—α' e—β' f sharp—γ' g).
  • (F-sharp) or "fa dièse". However, in some temperaments, it is not the same as F [...].
  • Key signatures indicate which notes are to be played as sharps or flats in the music that follows, showing up to seven sharps or flats.
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