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NOUN   a B-box | B-boxes
B-box [coll.] [serving area interface cabinet]
Verzweigerkasten {m}
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Übersetzung für 'B-box' von Englisch nach Deutsch

B-box [coll.] [serving area interface cabinet]
Verzweigerkasten {m}telecom.
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  • The DNA binding domain recognizes and binds a 17-bp sequence (CENP-B box) in the centromeric alpha satellite DNA.
  • The Prairie Gold Lacrosse League, formally known as the Saskatchewan Major Box Lacrosse League (2001–2003), is a Junior B box lacrosse league in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Shortly after leaving the Buffalo Bandits Kilgour was hired as head coach of the Seneca WarChiefs, a Junior B box lacrosse team who compete in the First Nations Junior B Lacrosse League.
  • The Spartans franchise won the Founders Cup as Canada's Junior B box lacrosse champions in 1981 and 1996.
  • Some systems may even use an A/B box, a device that connects multiple sets of devices to the same system, with users switching between them by flipping between the A or B mode.

  • The series was released in both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats as a five-disc Region B box set on 12 November 2007.
  • The B box was closed on 23 February 1970 and the A box was then renamed just 'Exeter Central'.
  • The Orangeville Northmen junior A and B box lacrosse teams are based in Orangeville.
  • RNA polymerase III recognizes two highly conserved downstream promoter sequences: the 5′ intragenic control region (5′-ICR, D-control region, or A box), and the 3′-ICR (T-control region or B box) inside tRNA genes.
  • The 1967 rationalisation saw the closure of the B Box on 30 April but the A Box was retained to control movements on the branch to Yeovil Town and Pen Mill.

  • These circuits contain an attenuator (the B box in the figure on the right) and an adder (the circle with "+" inside) in addition to an amplifier acting as a comparator.
  • Alu elements contain four or fewer retinoic acid response element hexamer sites in its internal promoter, with the last one overlapping with the "B box".
  • Lynch also uses a Morley A/B box called the Tripler and a limited edition Robert Keeley GL Time Machine boost.
  • Fabulous Films have released an all-new, High Definition Series 1–3 Blu-ray (Region B) box-set for the UK market during April 2014. The new HD transfers were created by Universal Studios.
  • Both songs were featured on the "Thirty Years of Maximum R&B" box set (short remixed stereo versions).

  • The mix of "Under My Thumb" on the 1998 remastered CD is a special stereo remix produced but not used for the "Thirty Years of Maximum R&B" box set that omits the original fuzzbox guitar part.
  • BSPRY: B-Box and Spry Domain Containing Protein; FYN: Fyn Kinase Belonging Src Family of Kinases; I-MFA: Myo D Family Inhibitor; NHERF: Na Exchanger Regulatory Factor; NIPSNAP14-Nitrophenylphosphatase Domain and Non-Neuronal SNAP25-Like Protein Homolog 1; Numb: Drosophila mutation that removes most of the sensory neurons in the developing peripheral nervous system; PTP: Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase; Rab11a: Member RAS Oncogene Family; RGS2: Regulator Of G-Protein Signaling 2; RyR1: Ryanodine Receptor 1; TRPC1: Transient receptor potential canonical 1; TRPML3: Transient receptor potential Mucolipin-3.
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