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vitamin B12 [cobalamin]
Vitamin {n} B12
vitamin B12 deficiency
Vitamin-B12-Mangel {m}
vitamin B12 deficiency anemia [Am.] [pernicious anemia]
perniziöse Anämie {f} <PA>
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  • Vitamin {n} B12 = cobalamin
  • Vitamin {n} B12 = vitamin B12 [cobalamin]
  • Vitamin-B12-Mangel {m} = vitamin B12 deficiency
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  • Until recently, the Lola B12/80 was still common in Le Mans Prototype racing.
  • HLA-B12 (B12) is an HLA-B serotype. B12 is a broad antigen serotype that recognizes the B44 and B45 split antigen serotypes.
  • A related concept is antivitamin B12, compounds (often synthetic B12 analogues) that not only have no vitamin action, but also actively interfere with the activity of true vitamin B12.
  • Salts of B12H122− are precursors to related derivatives including B12(OH)122− and B12(CH3)122−. This closo boron hydride resists degradation more so than the isoelectronic carboranes.
  • Although the featured artist for the album is B12, on the packaging, each track is associated with one of B12's aliases: CMetric, Redcell, or Musicology.

  • Vitamin B12 plays an integral role in this reaction.
  • After the B12-haptocorrin complexes pass from the stomach via the pylorus to the duodenum, pancreatic proteases cleave haptocorrin from the B12 molecules which rebind to intrinsic factor (IF).
  • The region gp120 of HIV-1 Env which contacts CD4, its primary receptor, is functionally conserved and vulnerable to neutralizing antibodies such as monoclonal antibody b12.
  • A conserved region in the gp120 glycoprotein that is involved in the metastable attachment of gp120 to CD4 has been identified and targeting of invariant region has been achieved with a broadly neutralising antibody, IgG1-b12.
  • Since nutritional yeast is often used by vegans who may be interested in supplementing their diets with vitamin B12, there has been confusion about the source of the B12 in nutritional yeast.

  • The deficiency of Vitamin B12 which may occur in vegans was first described by Wokes to the International Congress of Nutrition in Amsterdam in 1954.
  • The "Alpina B12 5.7" and "Alpina B12 6.0" models were based on the BMW 750i and 750iL respectively.
  • There are three Cornish crosses in Helston: one in Cross Street ("illustrated Fig. b12") and two in Mr.
  • Seaweed is a possible vegan source of Vitamin B12. The vitamin is obtained from symbiotic bacteria. However, mainstream nutrition consider algal B12 sources like seaweed unreliable.
  • Animals store vitamin B12 in liver and muscle and some pass the vitamin into their eggs and milk; meat, liver, eggs and milk are therefore sources of B12.

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