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BB gun
Luftpistole {f} [für kugelförmige Metallgeschosse ("ballistic balls")]
Barbados <.bb>
Barbados {n}
brontobyte <BB>
Brontobyte {n} <BB>
black balance <BB>
Schwarzabgleich {m}
Bombay bowler <BB>
Bombay Bowler {m} [Tropenhelm]
double flat <bb>
Doppel-b {n} <bb>
black belt <BB> [Six Sigma]
Black Belt {m} <BB> [Verbesserungs­experte, Six Sigma]
anti-tank gun <AT-gun>
Panzerabwehrkanone {f} <Pak>
branch and bound algorithm <BB algorithm> Branch-and-Bound-Algorithmus {m} <BB- / B&B-Algorithmus> [Verzweigung und Schranke]
job gun
Dienstpistole {f}
cap gun
Zündplättchenpistole {f}
gun deck
Kanonendeck {n}
gun smugglingWaffenschmuggel {m}
gun deathsTodesfälle {pl} durch Schusswaffen
starting gun
Startpistole {f}
long gun
Gewehr {n} [Langwaffe]
job gun
Dienstwaffe {f}
gun shop
Waffengeschäft {n} [Waffenladen]
gun barrel
Lauf {m}
gun oilWaffenöl {n}
radar gun
Radarpistole {f}
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  • The story revolves around the author's childhood memories and a boy trying to get a "Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle BB gun with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time" for Christmas.
  • On September 9, 2017, Scantlin was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after he tried to board a plane with a BB gun. His bail was set at $850,000.
  • Originally called the "round shot", the contemporary name came from the "BB"- size lead birdshot used in shotgun shells, which the first BB gun invented in 1886 was designed to shoot.
  • He welcomes Dutch by throwing a book at his face, hitting him with a golf club, kicking him and shooting him in the groin with a BB gun, for which Dutch promises revenge.
  • Two students were removed from school after a March 2007 incident in which a sixth-grade student brought a BB gun to Owens Middle School, showed it to other students and hid the gun in another student's locker.

  • In September 2020, the school recommended expulsion, later changed to suspension, when a teacher saw a BB gun in the room while a student was part of an online class (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) and school cited a prohibition of weapons in schools, deeming the child's home as school property.
  • The program includes lake activities, a BB Gun range, an archery range, recently added a slingshot paint ball range and a firewatch tower that overlooks Elbert County.
  • On 26 November 2009, Kent Police shot and wounded Tomas Uptas after he threatened members of the public in the street with what was later identified as a BB gun and then pointed it towards armed officers in a supermarket in Canterbury.
  • The victim stated that he was forced to drink urine and shot at with a BB gun, while social media posts allege racist and homophobic abuse.
  • Creamer described it as trying "to hit a fly with a BB gun."

  • The "BB" in the title comes from the fact that, initially, BB Senshi models came with airguns that shot BB gun pellets.
  • In the episode, Bart accidentally kills a mother bird with a BB gun, and decides to hatch and take care of the two eggs he found in the bird's nest.
  • The behavior of iron cannonballs documented during the era of muzzle-loading cannon may be a useful approximation for a BB gun or steel pellets fired from a shotgun, but inelastic collisions between the various shapes and materials of high-velocity bullets and the objects they may strike make bullet ricochets less predictable than the intuitive symmetry of low-velocity game spheres.
  • In 2019, Bert released "I'm Just the Drummer: My Time Behind Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Chrome Cranks & BB Gun Magazine", a book compiling his photographs and interviews he did with artists he collaborated with or that influenced him.
  • A man with a BB gun was arrested for causing the panic and for possession of an illegal weapon; he pointed the BB gun at another person in Dupont Circle who was assaulting his female "significant other", according to a police report.

  • The "Red Ryder" model BB Gun was manufactured in Plymouth, Michigan by Daisy, beginning in 1940; it was never manufactured in the exact configuration mentioned in the film.
  • Their inherited interests included the Daisy Manufacturing Company (manufacturing a BB gun); "Field and Stream" magazine; Heddon Rod & Reel; Henry Holt and Company (later known as Holt, Rinehart, and Winston); Delhi Oil; Kirby Petroleum and a marine construction company known as Tecon Corporation.
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