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to BBM [coll.] [to communicate via BlackBerry Messenger]
[über BlackBerry Messenger kommunizieren]
bucket brigade memory <BBM>
Eimerkettenspeicher {m}
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  • Communication was possible only among BlackBerry devices, until late 2013 when BBM was released on iOS and Android systems.
  • Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal letters BBM.
  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), sometimes known as a Bachelor of Management Studies, is an undergraduate program of four years.
  • The station placed 3rd in the Spring 2012 BBM Ratings for Victoria.
  • The song’s synthesizer riff uses a descending upper-leading tone sequence through the chords Bbm, Gdim, Gb, and Bbm (the Gb resolving to the F in this chord).

  • The last few BBM radio ratings measurements have shown CBX steadily climbing in audience share in Edmonton.
  • According to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement's (BBM) 2009 ratings, CFRN's 6 p.m.
  • ... ] BBM) was an Indian political party founded by Prakash Ambedkar on 4 July 1994.
  • Nele Reimer (born 9 September 1996) is a German handballer who plays for SG BBM Bietigheim.
  • Canadian DVR ratings are included in BBM Canada's count.

  • Upon returning to Brazil in 1991, Parnes went working to the BBM Bank of Rio de Janeiro. From 1994 to 1995 he was employee of the Matrix Bank, but then returned to BBM.
  • Her father, Tsuneo Ikeda, was a sports journalist and businessman who started Baseball Magazine (BBM) and his mother’s family founded Kudō Shashin-kan in Ryōgoku.
  • Melinda Szikora (born 19 November 1988) is a Hungarian handball goalkeeper playing for SG BBM Bietigheim.
  • Anikó scored 15 goals against SG BBM Bietigheim in the 2018–19 Women's EHF Champions League season.
  • In September 2013, the company announced that its growing BBM instant messaging service will be available for Android and iPhone devices.

  • com/content/pdf/bbm%3A978-94-007-0987-4%2F1.pdf); President of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (2003-2005), the most influential university collaboration agency in the American continent; and recipient of academic distinctions from universities of the Americas and Europe.
  • Three-year BBM & B.Sc are also available.
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