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Big Bang nucleosynthesis <BBN>
primordiale Nukleosynthese {f}
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Übersetzung für 'BBN' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Big Bang nucleosynthesis <BBN>
primordiale Nukleosynthese {f}astron.phys.
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  • The Computer History Museum holds materials related to PROPHET, including two brochures about "Prophet, a National Computing Resource for Life Science Research" from BBN and a BBN Prophet II Design Manual.
  • In 1975, BBN introduced IMP software running on the Pluribus multi-processor. These appeared in a few sites. In 1981, BBN introduced IMP software running on its own C/30 processor product.
  • worked at BBN Technologies (BBN), then was a Research Fellow in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the Palo Alto Research Center.
  • Its operation was combined with BBN's already established Charlotte AM station as WYFQ AM and FM.
  • 9, as BBN officially finalized the sale of the 96.3 frequency, became a BBN affiliate, and changed the call letters to WYHX.

  • The program ran on the PDP-1 at Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) by December 1960.
  • A versatile dialkylborane is 9-BBN. Also called "banana borane", it exists as a dimer.
  • The Pluribus multiprocessor was an early multi-processor computer designed by BBN for use as a packet switch in the ARPANET. Its design later influenced the BBN Butterfly computer.
  • FILECOMP was a programming language developed at Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN). It was one of the three variants of JOSS II (along with TELCOMP and STRINGCOMP) that were developed by BBN.
  • Upon taking control on May 13, BBN relaunched the station as KYFQ. The station began running BBN's schedule of Christian talk and teaching programs.

  • In addition to the standard BBN scenario there are numerous non-standard BBN scenarios.
  • In Fall 1962, BBN conducted a public demonstration of the BBN Time-Sharing System, with one operator in Washington, D.C., and two in Cambridge.
  • When one considers the possibility that the measured primordial Lithium abundance is correct and based on the Standard Model of particle physics and the standard cosmology, the lithium problem implies errors in the BBN light element predictions.
  • Beginning in 2012, two industry-led teams (IBM and BBN) and two university-led teams (ICSI led by Nelson Morgan and CMU) participated.
  • Bethlehem Broadcasting Network (BBN) – broadcasts live services on their website. BBN also has on-demand services.

  • In August 2022, through its subsidiary BBN Cargo Airlines, Avia Solutions Group established a new cargo airlines BBN Airlines Indonesia based in Jakarta.
  • Mary Johnston Turner first discussed the concept in a "Network World" opinion piece in August 1995 and attributed the first advocacy for the concept to the now-defunct BBN Planet, the ISP division of BBN Technologies.
  • Conrades formed a technology consulting firm in the advanced R&D company Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN).
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