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barbecue sauce <BBQ sauce>
Barbecuesauce {f} <BBQ-Sauce>
barbecue <BBQ>Barbecue {n} [Grillfest]
BBQ glove
Grillhandschuh {m}
barbecue <BBQ> season
Grillsaison {f}
barbecue party <BBQ party>
Grillparty {f}
Salse {f} [veraltet]
Beize {f} [Tabakbeize]
Sößchen {n} [ugs.] [hum.] [Soße]
Soße {f}
Sauce {f}
divine sauce
Himmlische Sauce {f} [Sauce divine / Sc. divine]
Bavarian sauce
Bayerische Sauce {f} [Sauce Bavaroise / Sc. Bavaroise]
Maltaise sauce
Sauce Maltaise {f} <Sc. Maltaise>
Maltese sauce
Malteser Sauce {f}
mushroom sauce
Champignonsauce {f}
tarragon sauce
Estragonsauce {f}
Normandy sauce
normannische Sauce {f} [Sauce normande]
chasseur sauce
Jägersauce {f} [Sauce chasseur]
Geneva sauce
Genfer Sauce {f}
horseradish sauce
Meerrettichsauce {f}
Cumberland sauce
Cumberlandsauce {f}
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  • Barbecuesauce {f} <BBQ-Sauce> = barbecue sauce <BBQ sauce>
  • Sauce {f} = sauce
  • Bordelaiser Sauce {f} = Bordelaise sauce
  • Sauce Tatar {f} = tatar sauce
  • Holländische Sauce {f} = hollandaise (sauce)
  • Genfer Sauce {f} = Geneva sauce
  • Malteser Sauce {f} = Maltese sauce
  • weiße Sauce {f} = white sauce
  • Sauce ravigote {f} = ravigote sauce
  • Sauce bolognese {f} = bolognese (sauce)
  • Sauce bolognese {f} = bolognaise (sauce) [Br.]
  • Alfredo-Sauce {f} = Alfredo Sauce [also: alfredo sauce]
  • Bordelaiser Sauce {f} = bordelaise sauce
  • Sauce hollandaise {f} = hollandaise sauce
  • Sauce vinaigrette {f} = sauce vinaigrette
  • Chantilly-Sauce {f} = chantilly sauce
  • holländische Sauce {f} = hollandaise
  • Sauce hollandaise {f} = sauce hollandaise
  • Sauce hollandaise {f} = hollandaise
  • Sauce béarnaise {f} = béarnaise sauce
  • scharfe Sauce {f} = hot sauce
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  • They are always served with BBQ sauce and bread.
  • Anthony maintains a personal website titled "Mad Anthony's Cafe" where he markets and sells a number of signature products including hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and hot mustard.
  • In mid-February 2009, Germany also released a steel box collector's edition for "Planet Terror" which comes with the famous BBQ sauce recipe and two scratch-and-sniff discs of the film which smell like the BBQ sauce.
  • From 1999 to 2000 the team was sponsored by Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce, a company with a history of failing to complete the commitments of their auto racing sponsorship contracts.
  • Herr's has also released a BBQ chips line in partnership with Stubbs BBQ sauce.

  • Space Aliens founder Mort Bank gained national notoriety in 2012 when he sold a gallon of "McJordan BBQ Sauce", from his time as a McDonald's operator, on Ebay for $9,995.
  • Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce is a barbecue sauce created and distributed by Kraft Heinz in the United States and Canada. It is also the official BBQ sauce of the Calgary Stampede.
  • In 1999, Denton hoped to run for NASCAR Busch Series Rookie of the Year honors for Henderson with sponsorship from Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce.
  • 41 Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce-sponsored Chevrolet Monte Carlo for Larry Hedrick Motorsports.
  • In 2000 the team thought it had sponsorship from Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce, but the sponsor defaulted on the terms of its contract and the team shut its doors.

  • Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce was a company that produced barbecue sauce. The company was based in Yukon, Oklahoma.
  • This fundraiser features slow cooked beef with BBQ sauce and all the fixings and sides including a baked potato, coleslaw, salad and green beans.
  • The team lost the Quaker State sponsorship after 1997 but signed GMAC Financial as a sponsor after a one-race deal with Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce.
  • In June 2015, McCormick purchased Stubb's marinades, BBQ Sauce and rubs for $100 million.
  • In 2005, they bought the Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce company for $30 million.

  • Shane's grandfather's BBQ sauce recipe was featured from the start.
  • Norick started 1999 with sponsorship from Oklahoma City-based Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce; the company ran into issues with its racing program, and the sponsorship deal was dropped after eight races of the 24-race schedule, leaving Norick's team, once again a single-truck effort, to run most of the year unsponsored.
  • Davis is also the founder of the American Royal International BBQ Sauce, Rub, & Baste Contest.
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