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BCC [Boa constrictor constrictor] [pet trade abbreviation]
Königsboa {f}
3 Wörter
basal cell carcinoma <BCC> [Epithelioma basocellulare]
Basaliom {n}
basal-cell carcinoma <BCC> [Carcinoma basocellulare, Epithelioma basocellulare]
Basalzellenkrebs {m}
basal-cell carcinoma <BCC> [Carcinoma basocellulare, Epithelioma basocellulare]
Basalzellkarzinom {n} <BZK>
basal-cell carcinoma <BCC> [Carcinoma basocellulare, Epithelioma basocellulare]
Basalzellenkarzinom {n} <BZK>
basal-cell carcinoma <BCC> [Carcinoma basocellulare, Epithelioma basocellulare]
weißer Hautkrebs {m} [Basalzellkarzinom]
blind carbon copy <bcc>
Blindkopie {f}
blind carbon copy <bcc> [recipient]
unsichtbarer Kopienempfänger {m}
4 Wörter
blind carbon copy line <Bcc line, BCC line>
Blindkopie-Zeile {f} <Bcc-Zeile, BCC-Zeile>
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  • Blindkopie-Zeile {f} <Bcc-Zeile, BCC-Zeile> = blind carbon copy line <Bcc line, BCC line>
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  • In another example, iron transforms from a body-centered cubic (bcc) structure called ferrite to a face-centered cubic (fcc) structure called austenite when it is heated.
  • Generally, beta-phase titanium is the more ductile phase and alpha-phase is stronger yet less ductile, due to the larger number of slip planes in the bcc structure of the beta-phase in comparison to the hcp alpha-phase.
  • For face-centered cubic (fcc) and body-centered cubic (bcc) lattices, the primitive lattice vectors are not orthogonal.
  • It had also declined an offer by Young's CEO, Narito's former superior, to provide copies of other emails he had sent, which included the names of those the original email had been bcc'ed to.
  • In this notification email, email addresses of all recipients were inadvertently included in the email 'cc' field rather than in the 'bcc' field.

  • While much of texture research has focused on fcc and bcc metals, hexagonal metals (such as zirconium and hafnium) as well as monoclinic uranium and transition elements used in semiconductors have attracted interest and lead to a generalization of texture software, both in terms of pole figure analysis and plasticity simulation.
  • Gives recommendations for best practices in business emails, such as how to use cc, bcc and Reply to All appropriately.
  • Developing entropic patches that will self-assemble into simple cubic, body-centered cubic (bcc), diamond, and dodecagonal quasicrystal structures.
  • The copper atoms arrange in a fcc sublattice, the oxygen atoms in a bcc sublattice.
  • This low-temperature alpha form converts into a beta, body-centered cubic (bcc) phase upon heating to 890 °C.

  • Redacted copies do not include "bcc" information, or the "credit page" related to drafting sequence, etc.
  • Similarly, when forwarding messages to a number of recipients who don't know one another, recipient addresses can be put in the "bcc: field" so that each recipient does not get a list of the other recipients' email addresses.
  • The first OEB was hosted at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc); it then moved to the Hotel InterContinental Berlin in 1996 where it has taken place for subsequent years, apart from 2020, when it was organised as a virtual event.
  • Slip in body-centered cubic (bcc) crystals occurs along the plane of shortest Burgers vector as well; however, unlike fcc, there are no truly close-packed planes in the bcc crystal structure.
  • In other bcc metals than iron, the ground state structure is believed based on recent density-functional theory calculations to be the [...] crowdion interstitial, which can be understood as a long chain (typically some 10–20) of atoms along the [...] lattice direction, compressed compared to the perfect lattice such that the chain contains one extra atom.

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