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binary coded decimal <BCD>
binär codierte Dezimalzahl {f}
binary coded decimal <BCD>
binär codierte Dezimalziffer {f}
binary coded decimal <BCD>
Binärcode {m} für Dezimalzahlen
binary-coded decimal <BCD>
binär codierte Dezimalziffer {f}
binary-coded decimal <BCD>
binär verschlüsselte Dezimalzahl {f}
bitter crab disease <BCD> [caused by Hematodinium perezi]
Bitterkrabbenkrankheit {f}
boot configuration data <BCD>
Boot-Konfigurationsdaten {pl}
breast compression device <BCD> [EUR 17538]
Brustkompressionsvorrichtung {f} [EUR 17538]
buoyancy control device <BCD>
Tarierweste {f} [Tauchausrüstung]
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jacket-style buoyancy compensator (device) <jacket-style BCD>
Jacket {n} [Tarierweste; Tauchausrüstung]
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  • BCD-Darstellung {f} = binary-coded decimal representation
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  • In the "Diagnostics Center," it is possible to reset a corrupt BCD storage and automatically create the necessary entries for the current operating system, as well as search for and replace missing/corrupt boot files.
  • The main source of problems was confusion between hexadecimal number encoding and BCD encodings of numbers.
  • At this time, there is no treatment for BCD. Genetic studies are being conducted to find treatments for patients with BCD.
  • These operations were not extended to wider formats and hence are now slower than using 32-bit or wider BCD 'tricks' to compute in BCD.
  • Now eight shifts have been performed, so the algorithm terminates. The BCD digits to the left of the "original register" space display the BCD encoding of the original value 243.

  • These are typically variants of existing dedicated sidemount rigs, with the low pressure inflator (LPI) mounted at the top of the BCD (rather than at the bottom corner) for an 'over the shoulder' configuration more familiar to diver's transitioning to sidemount from a traditional BCD.
  • The traditional system of binary encoding for decimal digits, known as binary-coded decimal (BCD), uses four bits to encode each digit, resulting in significant wastage of binary data bandwidth (since four bits can store 16 states and are being used to store only 10), even when using packed BCD.
  • BCD encoding packs 4 bit BCD symbols 5 to a codeword into bits 30-11.
  • The Bonifacio Capital District (BCD) was created as a joint venture between the private conglomerate Megaworld Corporation with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) of the Philippine national government both of which will manage the area.
  • At the beginning of 2006, TUI AG sold its subsidiary "TQ3 Travel Solutions Management Holding GmbH" to BCD Holdings N.V.

  • The BCD Airlift section works within the Air Mobility Division (AMD) of the AOC to ensure US Army Air Mobility requests are serviced in both the planning and execution phases of each air tasking order.
  • Some BCD harness systems include a crotch strap to prevent the BCD from sliding up the wearer when inflated, or down when inverted, due to the weights.
  • The Business and Community Development (BCD) division provides financial and technical services to businesses, communities, and economic development professionals.
  • which is involved in anterior patterning such that "bcd" mRNA is sequestered at the anterior pole of the mature oocyte.
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