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SYNO Bachelor of Divinity | BD
bound {adj} <bd>
gebunden <geb.>
Bangladesh <.bd>
Bangladesch {n}
baud <Bd> [transmission rate: symbols per second]
Baud {n} <Bd> [Übertragungs­rate: Symbole pro Sekunde]
bronchodilatation [spv.] <BD> [bronchodilation]
Bronchialerweiterung {f} [Bronchodilatation]
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Bermuda dollar <BMD, BD$>
Bermuda-Dollar {m} <BMD, BD$>
Bermudian dollar <BMD, BD$>
Bermuda-Dollar {m} <BMD, BD$>
Borna disease <BD>
Borna-Krankheit {f}
Borna disease <BD>
Borna'sche Krankheit {f}
Borna disease <BD>
ansteckende Gehirn- und Rückenmarksentzündung {f} der Einhufer [Borna-Krankheit]
3 Wörter
Bachelor of Divinity <BD, BDiv>
Bakkalaureus {m} der Theologie
Blu-ray Disc <BD>
Blu-ray Disc {f} <BD>
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
(amphibian) chytrid fungus <Bd> [Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis]
Chytridpilz {m}
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  • Band {m} <Bd.> [Buch] = volume <vol.>
  • Baud {n} <Bd> [Übertragungsrate: Symbole pro Sekunde] = baud <Bd> [transmission rate: symbols per second]
  • Blutdruck {m} <BD, BP, RR> = blood pressure <BP>
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  • On December 18, 2013, the VideoLAN developers released "libbdplus", an open-source library for BD+ decryption. As with libdvdcss, the API allows media players to use it transparently.
  • There is a private university in this district named Z. H. Sikder University of science and technology http://www.zhsust.edu.bd/ in bhedorgonj upazila.
  • Out of these regions Gachsaran Reservoir with 500,000 bd and Siahmakan with 4000bd have the highest and lowest production rates respectively.
  • As of 2018 only 8 of these wd+bd PCEBs are known.
  • Additional drilling and oil and gas processing capacity allowed the Shaybah field capacity to be increased in 2010 to 750,000 bd and to 1 million bd in 2016, including NGL recovery from the associated gas and a dedicated NGL pipeline to the Abqaiq plants.

  • Unfortunately, all elements of the group are already present either above or to the left of "bd" in the table so there is no value of "bd" that satisfies the Latin square property.
  • gov.bd) another website(https://univac.ugc.gov.bd) was launched to allow university students with birth certificates to register for the vaccine.
  • BD Phoenicis is a Lambda Boötis star, an uncommon type of peculiar stars that have very low abundances of iron-peak elements.
  • Théâtre de Caen, 135 bd du Maréchal Leclerc, is the principle theatre and opera house of Caen, opened in 1963.
  • This religious institute was founded in Turin, Italy, in 1874, by bd. Giovanna Francesca Michelotti.

  • CREST.BD created the QoL.BD, the most widely used quality-of-life measure for bipolar disorder, which is available for use online at bdqol.com.
  • "E. coli" possess two sets of Cytochrome bd.
  • Studies of the trajectory and speed of BD+43 3654 relative to the other stars of the nearby, massive stellar association Cygnus OB2 suggest it is a runaway star, making it one of the most massive runaway stars known in the Milky Way (along with the O-type supergiants Lambda Cephei and Zeta Puppis).
  • In his job at "bd" Systems, Parkin developed PC-based programs for simulating Earth orbit surveillance, launch vehicle performance, SDI particle-beam targeting, missile-warfare scenarios, and ASAT coverage.
  • .bd (in the Latin script) is the primary Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bangladesh.

  • 1-https://www.aucm.edu.bd/ Agricultural University College. Retrieved 2022-04-10.
  • ArcA respresses cytochrome bo oxidase and activates cytochrome bd oxidase.
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