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beat frequency oscillator <BFO>Schwebungs­überlagerer {m} [Telegrafie]
beat-frequency oscillator <BFO>
Überlagerungs­oszillator {m} [z. B. Amateurfunk]
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  • BFO has passed through 4 major releases, documented here. The current revision was released in 2020, Example applications of BFO can be seen in the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI).
  • In November 2008, the Gramophone magazine selected the BFO into the world's 20 best orchestras as No. 9. In 2022, BFO won Gramophone's Orchestra of the Year Award.
  • It is designed to mimic the tone generated by a typical radio receiver when a CW signal is converted to the intermediate frequency (IF), then mixed with the Beat frequency oscillator (BFO) frequency to generate a "difference frequency", which is audible over the radio receiver loudspeaker or headphones.
  • Black Forest Observatory (BFO) or Observatorium Schiltach is a geophysical observatory owned and operated by Karlsruhe University and Stuttgart University.
  • Part 2 is devoted to Basic Formal Ontology (BFO).

  • See British Rail coach type codes for the meaning of RSB, TRUK, BFO etc.
  • Carrier power must be restored by the receiving station to permit demodulation, usually by means of a beat frequency oscillator (BFO).
  • The BFO was rare until the invention in 1913 of the first practical electronic oscillator, the vacuum tube feedback oscillator by Edwin Armstrong.
  • To recover the original signal from the IF SSB signal, the single sideband must be frequency-shifted down to its original range of baseband frequencies, by using a product detector which mixes it with the output of a beat frequency oscillator (BFO).
  • Boron fluoride oxide forms a trimer with a ring composed of alternating oxygen and boron atoms, with fluorine bonded to the boron. (BFO)3.

  • The San Jose Fire Department is organized into five bureaus of operations: the Bureau of Administrative Services (BAS), the Bureau of Field Operations (BFO), the Bureau of EMS and Training (BET), the Bureau of Support Services (BSS), and the Bureau of Fire Prevention (BFP).
  • On reception, the FSK signal is converted to the original tones by mixing the FSK signal with a local oscillator called the BFO or "beat frequency oscillator".
  • In a radio receiver, a beat frequency oscillator or BFO is a dedicated oscillator used to create an audio frequency signal from Morse code radiotelegraphy (CW) transmissions to make them audible.
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