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biofeedback therapy <BFT>
Biofeedback-Therapie {f} <BFT>
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Übersetzung für 'BFT' von Englisch nach Deutsch

biofeedback therapy <BFT>
Biofeedback-Therapie {f} <BFT>med.
  • Biofeedback-Therapie {f} <BFT> = biofeedback therapy <BFT>
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  • Benign familial tremor (BFT) is responsive to peripheral β adrenergic blockers, and β2-stimulation is known to cause tremor.
  • Additional capability in some BFT devices is found in route planning tools.
  • Most recently, there has also been the creation of the BFT-SMaRt library, a high-performance Byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication library developed in Java.
  • In May 1998, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange trading under the ticker symbol of BFT.
  • ... 2 to 3 m² kites in winds of force 2 to 3 bft) and progress to bigger kites or higher wind conditions as ability improves.

  • The Carrifran Wildwood is a project by the Borders Forest Trust (BFT) to re-establish native woodland and the associated ecology within Carrifran, a glen NE of Moffat in the Moffat Hills, part of the Southern Uplands of Scotland.
  • "Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus" is a 2013 documentary film by Madeleine Sackler detailing the experiences of the illicit Belarus Free Theatre (BFT) during the political revolution of independence.
  • The Badminton Federation of Tajikistan (BFT) is the highest national administrative organization in the sport of badminton in Tajikistan.
  • slight icing will occur at winds of 5 Bft, moderate icing at 7 Bft, and severe icing at 8 Bft.
  • Within a sample of fifteen individuals, seventeen BFT lesions could be seen.

  • Missile launch and projected elliptical point of impact capabilities for GCCS and Blue Force Tracker (BFT) were introduced.
  • LFG produced the type in the BFT category (unarmed reconnaissance aircraft equipped with wireless transmitter but not receiver), building ten examples (1459–1468) between September 1917 and February 1918.
  • Though not seen by soldiers, the BFT Global Network (BGN) Operation Centers are critical infrastructure sites that optimize the dissemination of data on the BFT network as well as the sharing of BFT data with EPLRS brigades operating in the Secret Domain.
  • Events have included: Fun Club (Weston Favell Shopping Centre & West Orchards Shopping Center), Kids Fest 2016 (Marsh Farm), Carnival Festival Day (Fernham Hall), The BFT Summer camp (Havering Council) and Modesh World (Dubai).
  • , to use a smaller sail at wind speeds over 5 bft (at more than [...]) and not use any sail with wind speeds over 6 bft (at more than [...]).

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