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battery management system <BMS>
Batteriemanagementsystem {n} <BMS>
bone marrow smear <BMS>
Knochenmarkausstrich {m} <KMA>
bone marrow smear <BMS>
Knochenmarksausstrich {m} <KMA> [seltener] [Knochenmarkausstrich]
bone marrow suppression <BMS>
Myelosuppression {f}
bone marrow suppression <BMS>
Knochenmarkdepression {f}
building management system <BMS>
Gebäudeleittechnik {f} <GLT>
building management system <BMS>
Gebäudemanagementsystem {n} <GMS>
building management system <BMS>
Building Management System {n} <BMS>
building management system <BMS>
Gebäudeautomation {f} [System]
burning mouth syndrome <BMS>
Burning-Mouth-Syndrom {n} <BMS> [Zungenbrennen]
business management system <BMS>Geschäftsverwaltungs­system {n}
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  • Batteriemanagementsystem {n} <BMS> = battery management system <BMS>
  • Bedarfsorientierte Mindestsicherung {f} <BMS> [österr.] = needs-oriented guaranteed minimum resources [in Austria]
  • technische Berufsmaturität {f} <BM> <BMS> [Schweiz] = vocational and technical high school diploma [international lingo]
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  • The BMS Friday is a colloquium which takes place fortnightly at the BMS Loft in the Urania in Berlin during the lecture period.
  • found that many patients with burning mouth syndrome (BMS), one variant of occlusal dysesthesia, also report painful sensations in other parts of the body.
  • Several local and systemic factors can give a burning sensation in the mouth without any clinical signs, and therefore may be misdiagnosed as BMS.
  • Commands existing from the original BM98 used in the original .bms extensions.
  • Raced by BMS Scuderia Italia under the name Aston Martin Racing BMS. Raced a full 2007 FIA GT Championship season.

  • The student body at BMS is diverse. Some of the students attend because they come from families who value a traditional education.
  • The Bufori BMS R1 is the race derivative of the Bufori CS road car that is still to be launched.
  • The BMS itself claims to have more than 10 million members.
  • Following a disastrous 1993, BMS Lola merged with Minardi, the team changing its name to BMS Minardi.
  • The courses offered at this campus include BMS in e-Commerce Operations, BMS in Land Transportation, and Diploma in Computer Engineering.

  • Upon the formation of BMS in 1943, the system had already reached its peak of 30 hospitals, and this number decreased throughout BMS's existences as hospitals were closed.
  • In 1983 he founded the auto racing team BMS Scuderia Italia (sometimes referred to as simply Scuderia Italia).
  • Marathon Futurex has a system to manage, maintain and secure the commercial premises through a Building Management System (BMS).
  • Borane dimethylsulfide (BMS) is a complexed borane reagent that is used for hydroborations and reductions.
  • "BMS-753493" is a molecule born from a collaboration between scientists at Endocyte Inc.

  • Several Anoas were equipped with locally produced Battlefield Management System (BMS) known as BMS CY-16H, developed and made by PT Hariff Daya Tunggal Engineering (DTE) together with Army Communication Directorate (Dithubad) since 2012.
  • Basketballklubben BMS, referred to as BMS, is a professional basketball club based in Ballerup&ndash;Måløv&ndash;Skovlunde, Denmark.
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